I think it’s safe to say that cereal has been a major part of almost everyone’s childhood. From pairing it with milk for breakfast or eating it dry as a quick snack to grabbing a bowl in the dining hall freshman year when nothing else looked edible, these sugary classics have always been there for us when we needed that sugar rush with a side of nostalgia to keep us going. Even though many of us now try to make do with Special K and granola to keep us going through the day, sometimes you just have to give in to the cravings and throw one of these favorites into your shopping cart. Read on to see some of your favorite childhood cereals, all grown up and remixed into things WAY cooler than a bowl of milk.

1. Fruity Pebbles


GIF by Kristi Cook

Chicken and waffles is the ultimate example of sweet and savory coming away in the most epic way.  Add some fruity, crunchy Fruity Pebbles to the mix and you’ve got literal magic.


GIF courtesy of giphy.com

Make ’em here: Fruity Pebble Chicken & Waffles

2. Reese’s Puff


Photo courtesy by chef-in-training.com

Peanut butter and chocolate is the quintessential combo, and Reese’s Puffs was a serious game changer when they introduced this combo into the breakfast aisle. A breakfast cereal actually based on a candy bar? Legendary. These grab and go treats are perfect for when you’re craving some serious peanut butter.

Get the recipe here: Reese’s Peanut Butter Treats

3. Trix


Photo courtesy of easybaked.com

Trix AND Kool-Aid?? Sounds like 1998 all over again. This one is nostalgic to the second degree, and I’m loving it. Bring this to your next BBQ and suddenly you’ll be everyone’s childhood best friend.

Get the recipe here: Trix Crust Kool-Aid Pie

4. Honey Smack


Photo courtesy of gardenandgun.com

Now this one’s really all grown up. Boozy milkshakes AND our favorite sticky honey cereal from way back when? Sign me up for three, please. #ThirstyThursdays, amirite?

Get the recipe here: Honey Smack and Bourbon Milkshake

5. Lucky Charms


Photo courtesy by lemontreedwelling.com

Another milkshake, albeit a little more kid appropriate. This milkshake is the perfect thing to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. Plus, you can buy the marshmallows by themselves for the ultimate garnish. That is if you can stop yourself from eating them all in the meantime.

Get the recipe here: Lucky Charms Milkshake

6. Cinnamon Toast Crunch


Photo courtesy of livforcake.com

Because you can ABSOLUTELY have your cake and eat it too. Very few things scream childhood quite like the quintessential combination of cinnamon and sugar, and this cinnamon-ey sweet cake with the added crunch of one of our favorite cereals is sure to be a hit at your next birthday party. Or any party. Or any occasion. Stress baking is real y’all.


GIF courtesy giphy.com

Get the recipe here: Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cake

7. Apple Jacks


Photo courtesy of Honestlyyum.com

Oh, mon. Another nostalgic booze-infused ice cream treat to make our list, and this one looks better than the last. The super unique taste of Apple Jacks adds the perfect crunchy deliciousness to bring these brandy ice cream sandwiches from great to literally fantastic. Klondike bars are one thing, but who even knows what I’d do for one of these bad boys?

Get the recipe here: Apple Jacks And Brandy Ice Cream Sandwich


8. Cookie Crisp


GIF by Max Bartick

I don’t think I’ve ever seen childhood cereal look so damn sophisticated. These Cookie Crisp truffles are a chocolatey trip down memory lane just waiting to happen. Check out the link below to make not only these but other equally awesome cereal truffles. #Thankful for whoever came up with this ingenious idea.

Recipe: Cookie Crisp Truffles

9. Captain Crunch


Photo by Nicole Solomon

Ending this list with potentially the best looking recipe on here. I mean, aesthetic goals, am I right? These captain crunch pancakes look like the most wonderful toothache waiting to happen, no syrup necessary.

Recipe: Cap’n Crunch Berry Pancakes