Almost every foodie out there knows and loves (or hates to love) Anthony Bourdain. His mind is essentially the holy grail of international food and drinks. Now get this, if he hasn’t been successful enough by traveling the world and uncovering the best food and drinks on national television, he is opening a food market in NYC. And this isn’t just any old food market.

I’m talking bigger than Pike Place Market, busier than West Side Market and more impressive than the Ferry Building Marketplace. This is the Bourdain Market, and it is going to be located on the main concourse and mezzanine of Pier 57, at 15th Street on the Hudson. It is going to be HUGE, literally.

Florence Fabricant of The New York Times met with Bourdain at the site of the future Bourdain Market and got the low down. Listen up, ’cause we’re gonna give you the quick and dirty on the six things you’ve gotta know about this insane market.


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1. It’s going to be open almost 24/7.

Since Anthony Bourdain apparently doesn’t sleep, and he plans on being fully immersed in the running of the market, he is going to keep his market hustling and bustling almost 24 hours a day.

“Think of an Asian night market, eating and drinking at midnight,” Bourdain explains. I wouldn’t hate a place where I could get some real, good street food during the wee hours of the night. Who isn’t hungry all the time?

2. A hawker market is going to be “the heart and soul of the project.”

Photo courtesy of Ilona Gaynor

Photo courtesy of Ilona Gaynor

Hawker markets are communal eating spaces surrounded by a variety of small food stands that serve prepared-to-order food and are very common in Singapore. The idea is that you can choose whatever you want to eat, but share the experience with others. GENIUS.

3. The food is going to be out of this world.

But actually… Okay, maybe not actually from outer space, but the 100 retail and wholesale vendors that Bourdain plans to have at his market are going to be his most beloved foods from everywhere that he has ever visited.

Already signed on to the project, are April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman who own Spotted Pig in New York City, as well as Sabina Bandera who owns La Guerrerense in Ensenada, Mexico and the Victor Churchill butcher shop in Australia.

4. Bourdain wants you to interact with the food in the “wet market.”

Photo courtesy of Bourdain Market/Facebook

Photo courtesy of Bourdain Market/Facebook

Here, the market’s visitors will be able to watch the butchers break down animals and the fishmongers scale and filet fish. Bourdain desires for his guests to fully immerse themselves in the experience with their food from start to finish.

5. There’s gonna be so much more than just food.

The Bourdain Market will be a cultural destination of sorts. On top of the produce market, separate bakery and pastry shops, 1,500 square-foot oyster bar, and Asian-influenced beer garden (WOAH), expect entertainment such as karaoke, Asian pop performances, and films throughout the hall. This place just keeps getting better and better.

6. A public park is planned for the roof of the market.

Okay, I see you, Bourdain. That’s gonna be dope. When it’s nice outside, us east-coasters love nothing more than eating outside. The Tribeca Film Festival will also be held in the Bourdain Market public park for a few weeks out of the year.

And if ya didn’t knooow, now ya know. Just don’t get too excited, because it’s not planned to open for another two years.

Just be patient. This is gonna be big.