With midterms, group projects, club meetings and all the other stuff that needs to get done, take a mini break and treat yo self to some delicious FREE food at the Asian Kaleidoscope Month’s annual Food Festival.

On October 20th, head over to the Florida Gym (what an ironic place to hold a food festival, just sayin’) where you’ll find food, games, food, a food-eating contest and more food. Doors will open at 6:30pm.

Still not convinced? Well, here are six reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on an opportunity to let your taste buds thank you.

1. Ten Cultures = Ten Types of Food.

Many different Asian countries will be represented including China, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, UAE, Bangladesh, India and Japan. Each one will host a cultural activity or game, and of course, will serve its native food.

2. Did I Already Mention Free Food?

food festival

GIF Courtesy of giphy.com

All you have to do is show up, and you’ll be given food cards. Easy-peasy. So if you’re already broke and surviving on peanut butter and Nutella (it’s okay, we’ve all been there), then jump at this chance to score a free dinner.

3. But The Festival Also Supports A Philanthropy.

There will also be opportunities to give a donation toward this year’s AKM philanthropy, Give2Asia. The organization funds programs and supports local organizations in Asia to aid with issues like healthcare, education, livelihood and the environment.

4. A Food-Eating Contest. ‘Nuff Said.

Who will rise up and be this year’s champion? As one of the food festival directors put it, “Contestants will scarf food down their mouths as fast as possible, and a winner will be crowned.” Sounds intense. May their stomachs be ever in their favor.

5. Trophies Are Involved.

The sub organizations in the Asian American Student Union will be judged by AKM staff for the Top 2 prizes: Best Overall and Best Cultural Representation. Last year it was the Chinese American Student Association (CASA) and Health Educated Asian Leaders (HEAL)…so who will come out on top?

6. The Theme Is Punny.

The overall theme for AKM is “Legacy” so it would only make sense if we’re “Peking Through the Past” to unravel our legacy. Get it? Gotta appreciate the pun.