In celebration of Earth Week, Spoon UGA and Campus Kitchen are partnering to bring you an epic night of food and food waste dialogue through a screening of DIVE!. The event, sponsored by Food & Wine, will kick off on Friday at 6 in the Memorial Hall Ballroom.

Here’s our top seven reasons you need to come finish your week out with Spoon.

1. The Food From Restaurants

Earth Day

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The DIVE event will feature mouthwatering samples from local gems such as Taziki’s, Ben & Jerry’s, DP Dough, and every UGA student’s guilty pleasure, Insomnia Cookies.

Indulge in savory, tangy hummus from Taziki’s, bite sized bagel treats from Ideal, and an assortment of indulgent cookies from Insomnia this Friday at DIVE. Did I mention that it will all be free?

2. Learn About an Issue Where You Can Make an Impact

Earth Day

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Food waste is an immense problem in the United States, but it is also one that starts at the individual level. Even as college students, there are ways that we can help foster sustainability and reduce the amount of food waste we produce.

By attending the event, you will have the chance to learn about small steps you can take to make a difference for the Athens environment and community.

3. The Film

Although dumpster diving may seem a little gross at first, you’ll be surprised at how many unopened, fresh foods supermarkets throw away.

The independent film we are screening, DIVE!, will open your mind up about a unique and free way some people are shopping for their groceries.

4. Support Your Fellow Dawgs

Earth Day

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While you are enjoying the local food, stop by the tabling that will be set up at the event to meet with some awesome organizations on campus working toward a more sustainable future.

Campus Kitchen is a great program that serves the Athens community by fighting hunger and food insecurity in seniors. Whether you are interested in volunteering or just want to get more involved in university organizations, come out to support your fellow dawgs.

5. It’s Earth Week

Earth Day

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Mother Nature does so much for us, so take a couple hours out of your week to learn more about how we can give back to her.

There are tons of great Earth Day volunteering events all around campus Friday morning. Volunteer at a local garden or help the Office of Sustainability reduce roadside litter pollution. Then, finish your day off by relaxing with friends and eating free food at the DIVE! event.

6. It’s Free & On Campus

Earth Day

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I think the title of this reason pretty much sums it up.

College students + free stuff = match made in heaven

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