Over the past few weeks, the world has mourned the death of one of music’s most beloved heroes, Prince. An innovative singer, unforgettable performer, and influential activist, the music legend and artistic genius will be sorely missed. Maybe you’ve been playing his songs on repeat for the past few days, singing along through the tears. Or maybe you’ve been staring dejectedly at the Prince poster you’ve got taped to your bedroom wall.

But if listening to his music is still too painful, or if you just need another outlet for all your Prince feels, we have the solution: These delicious Prince-inspired treats are the perfect way to honor and remember one of your favorite music icons.

1. Purple Cocktails


Photo courtesy of myfabulousflorida.com

Raise a glass to Prince’s groundbreaking artistry — but do it in style, with a colorful cocktail to match the singer’s signature song, “Purple Rain” (1984). A Purple Passion or Purple Rain would do the job nicely.

2. 6-Second Homemade Whipped Cream


Photo by Marissa Arnett

Get your groove on to Prince’s 1991 hit “Cream” while you spoon some of this deliciousness over your favorite dessert.

3. DIY Raspberry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwiches


Photo by Lindsay Bralower

You might not have a “Raspberry Beret” in your closet, but you can easily whip up a batch of these delicious frozen treats.

4. No-Bake Sugar Cookie Balls


Photo courtesy of ifyougiveablondeakitchen.com

These sparkly white truffles are the perfect way to celebrate Prince’s Grammy-nominated hit, “Diamonds and Pearls” (1991). Love is the master plan — love of Prince and love of sugar.

5. The Golden Donut


Photo by Maggie Pizzo

This fabulous donut is basically the food equivalent of the epic gold jumpsuit Prince wore at his 2011 “Welcome 2 America” performance at Madison Square Garden. It’s gold and glittery, but it’s also the “king” of donuts (ringing in at $100 apiece), making it the perfect way to honor a prince of the music world.