Applying oil to your skin and/or hair is no new beauty tip. From the oils you would first think to cook with, to exotic sounding oils you’ve never heard of, there are so many. With the endless list of oils you could try, numerous with promising and overlapping benefits on the internet- how can you choose one that you know will work?

So why not take a look at the ones that have already been proven to work by your favorite beautiful people.

1. Grape seed oil


This grocery store found product can secretly substitute a lot of high priced cosmetics such as some creams and lotions. It is gentle on the skin and easily absorbed, providing an array of benefits such as anti-aging and restoration of collagen. It can be applied to the face and body, and even hair for other benefits.

Emma Stone has revealed that she uses grape seed oil on her super sensitive skin on a daily basis, reapplying it throughout the day.

2. Argan Oil


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There are many benefits to the use of Argan Oil for skin and hair, which has influenced its use worldwide. It has medical uses for treating infections, bites and rashes, along with regular uses as a moisturizer. Just one or two drops is enough.

Many celebrities, including Catherine Zeta-Jones and Charlize Theron have Argan oil to thank for giving them their youthful and healthy skin and hair.

3. Coconut Oil


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Nobody by now has missed the coconut oil hype. Whether it was as a cooking oil substitute, for whiter teeth, weight loss or for skin- coconut oil has many uses worldwide. As a skin product, its composition provides an array of benefits for smoother, healthier. Also a natural makeup remover for the face. Here are 5 reasons why you should be washing your face with coconut oil.

Many celebrities you know also use coconut oil and are obsessed with how effective this natural product is. This includes Suki Waterhouse, Miranda Kerr, and more.

4. Olive Oil


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By now you’ve probably heard about the health advantages of using olive oil as a cooking oil or seen a chef on a food channel give his cooking a good dose of it. Similar to the previous oils, it also has the properties of an anti aging, moisturizer and can also help skin health. Olive oil is so readily available in every grocery store.

Emma Stone is also a huge fan of olive oil and keeps a big bottle by her sink.

5. Tea Tree Oil


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This oil has been told to work miracles. It is known to benefit an entire list of skin conditions that include cut and scrapes , bug bites, warts, ringworm, athlete’s foot, dandruff and is an excellent treatment for acne. These are just its benefits as a skin treatment.

Katy Perry who’s dealt with acne problems her entire life has found and uses this natural remedy.