If you answered yes to any of the above questions, consider writing for Spoon.

Join Spoon at Wesleyan!

Never heard of it? Spoon University is a website about all things related to food in college and beyond. It is a national organization with chapters at various universities in the US and around the world. Above all, it is a platform to discuss, celebrate, and acknowledge current issues surrounding, well, food. Check our Spoon page for some of our articles and more information.

1. Experience

Being part of Spoon University is great for your resume. It shows you are part of a larger organization and are capable of meeting those expectations. Your writing, photography and video skill will be visible to everyone! Also major bonus: you learn A LOT about food. Thus far we’ve learned everything from how to recreate our favorite childhood snacks to what “natural flavor” really means.


Photo Courtesy of Spoon University

2. Opportunities

Spoon provides great opportunities for: writing, photography, event planning, video production, networking, and social media. You can hone your skills and find new ones too; you might find a new passion. Spoon Headquarters is also a wonderful and unique resource for internships and connections. We went to New Haven and met Spoon’s CEO and members from Spoon Chapters at Trinity, Yale, and Connecticut College. We were able to connect with people who share our interests in food and journalism over brunch — what could be better?

Here is some of our team with CEO and co-founder Mackenzie Barth and other HQ member Sara Cohen:


Photo by Sara Cohen

3. We talk about food!

If you are a foodie, boy is this the place for you. We talk about food, learn about food, take pictures of our food, etc. It’s an easy commitment, and is easy to tie in with other groups. Our Spoonies are active in lots of other Wesleyan groups! Whether you’re part of the Real Food Challenge, Hunger and Homelessness, Middletown Potluck — Spoon is a perfect way to get the word out about your group’s events and the issues you care about.


4. Free food at our meetings!

Who doesn’t like free food? But there are strings attached… We would love to have you! Come Spoon with us!


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