1. Wendy’s on Sixth Street is no more.

Over Break

Photo by Tori Baier

This is perhaps a shock to your afties system, but honestly, Wendy’s service and closing time didn’t stand a chance when McD’s rolled in around the corner. But don’t worry Wendy’s lovers, the second location in the Union is still cooking up heart clogging burgers and nostalgic Frosties.

2. You forgot to say your goodbyes to Jersey Mike’s.

Maybe it was the incredible excess of sauce or having the name “Jersey” in it, evocative of Jersey Shore reruns, smothered with fake tans, “smush” and other unmentionables—but regardless—Mike’s is out and new sandwich is in town.

3. Which Wich is your new sandwich go to.


Over Break

Photo by Tori Baier

Actually, this opened before break, but it’s presence on Green Street is not to go unmentioned. They have avocado, so which sandwich place you’re going to go to isn’t really a question.

4. The pandemonium about Pandemonium Donuts.

There were whispers about this being the Mecca of doughnut madness, before we left our desks to reside for four weeks straight on our parents’ couch, but now it’s official: you’ve never tasted sugar encrusted doughy bliss until you’ve visited this food truck. Grab a friend (or don’t, more for you) and try it out. You doughnut know what you’re missing. For more emotionally-aware food puns click here.

5. Cracked is now on Wright street.

Over Break

Photo by Kristen Yang

Yes, for those of you have been presumably hibernating in your apartment for about a year, there’s more than one Cracked truck. But more importantly this shining yellow beacon of breakfast glory has now parked itself alongside some of the most heavily trafficked sidewalks. I see you Cracked. Smart move, but a daily danger for the average, grumpy post-class and mid-hangover passerby.

6. McDonald’s window was broken and ratchet as ever, but has been restored to glory.

Another change to the culinary scenery that happened pre-break, a nice pane of plywood was fashioned over Mickey D’s destroyed window. It has finally been fixed after about 8 weeks. Stay class golden arches.

7. Jurassic Burger: not the fifth Jurassic Park movie (even though we wish it was).

Over Break

Photo by Tori Baier

Remember driving back on campus this year, rolling down Green Street and seeing a new empanada restaurant? Most likely you don’t and are either thinking, WTF is an empanada, or do you really think I was aware of my surroundings during syllabus week? Both of these responses may have led to why The Empanadas House changed it’s name to Jurassic Burger, and replaced its dough with burger buns. The changed occurred before break as well, but the word about unlimited toppings is spreading.

8. Cly’s creepy dance floor is now a bad distant memory.

If you have ever been to Cly’s you know that everything the light touches is yours to freely wander about, but that shadowy, sweltering pit of gyrating bodies and spilled drinks in the back with the stripper poles is absolutely off limits. But behold, the lights have been turned on, tables and seats fill the old dance floor, and Cly’s has successfully regained their dignity. This is mostly because they said goodbye to the stripper poles.

9. Burrito King is the new Tortica’s.

Over Break

Photo by Tori Baier

Or is it? Rumor has it that the infamous Tortica’s, pit spot for majority of Joe’s and Red Lion’s nightly crowd, didn’t close or change at all, but simply changed their name.

10. There’s a new Thai restaurant on Green, because obviously there weren’t enough restaurants to choose from.

Pho Café & Thai Kitchen is the newest edition to Green Street’s spread. Hopefully it can stay opened, given its neighbors and previous occupants have gone in and out faster than Lindsay Lohan in rehab.

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