Aries – Potato Chips

Aries are known to be a fiery, passionate sign, but something else that is little discussed about them is how loyal they are. Potato chips, in turn, are perhaps the most classic American snack, whether it be for a road trip or a sports game. A loyal snack for a loyal sign, this is their zodiac snack.

Taurus – Cracker Sandwiches

This is a sign that isn’t afraid to indulge themselves, and have a little fun in the process. Cracker sandwiches are one of the most indulgent snacks from my childhood, and like Taurus, the best ones are the cheesy ones. 

Gemini – Sour Patch Kids

Much like Gemini, sour patch kids get a bad rap in all of their promotional commercials, and their tagline is even “first they’re sour, then they’re sweet.” However, as those of us who enjoy sour patch kids know, they’re isn’t necessarily something wrong with encompassing two, or even multiple flavors. The same could be said for Geminis, and the versatility of their personalities.

Cancer – Muffin

This one is simple. Cancers are known to be sweet, comforting, and emotional – much like the experience of indulging in one’s favorite muffin. Thus, this is their perfect zodiac snack.

Leo – Sunflower Seeds

Born in the summertime, Leos are known to have strong, magnetic personalities. Naturally, thinking of this sign always makes me thing of the warmer months spent lying on the beach or road tripping, and in both cases, sunflower seeds are the perfect snack. And, like Leo, they can be addicting.

Virgo – Pretzels

Pretzels are an example of yet another classic snack. They are satisfying, dependable, and the perfect amount of salty. Wait, am I describing the snack, or Virgo?

Libra – Trail Mix

Trail mix has a lot going on. Perhaps the most practical, potentially healthy and beneficial snack on this list, trail mix is a trusty companion for essentially any occasion which calls for a snack. Libra, ever the level-headed ones of the signs, match perfectly with such a snack. And, like trail mix, this sign can be extremely indecisive.

Scorpio – Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

Scorpios are known to have a strong personality, and their intensity definitely isn’t best suited for everyone. Still, those who give them the chance will find themselves craving more, as can be said about this spicy rendition of a popular snack.

Sagittarius – Rice Krispies Treat

At their best, Sagittarius are probably the most fun of the zodiac, and easily the life of any party. Sugary and sometimes just a little messy (no shade), Rice Krispies Treats and Sags are one in the same.

Capricorn – Goldfish

This is a sign known to be practical, grounded, and hard-working. Likewise, goldfish is a snack that has been working hard for years to satiate all of our snacking needs. Thanks Caps, thanks goldfish.

Aquarius – Popcorn

Aquarius is an air sign, and is one of the most free spirited, fun, and versatile signs. Popcorn is an airy snack that is open to so many spin-offs, whether they be sweet or salty, and is as versatile and limitless as Aquarius.

Pisces – Fruit Snacks

Fruit snacks are soft, sweet, colorful, and, because of their association with childhood, innocent and nostalgic. The same could be said about the final sign of the zodiac.

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