In Vogue’s most recent episode of "73 Questions" on YouTube, the magazine talks to the adorable Zac Efron as he lights up the grill for a barbecue. Talk about a dream afternoon!

But really, Efron’s bro-iness (that’s a word, right?) comes out in full force, from answering questions as he stares over the abyss that is his mansion’s view; when he attempts to throw a basketball from his balcony into the hoop floating in his pool; when he's standing next to a cardboard cutout of himself; to getting totally uncomfortable when the interviewer asks him to imagine having children. Yep, he’s basically the frat boy next door, who’s also into theater (because he probably watched Entourage or something).

But the best parts of Efron come out when he's talking about food. Here are the highlights.

He Dreams of Being a Chef

Efron says if he weren’t an actor, he'd want to be a chef. I love a man who can cook beyond the grill, assuming he’s not talking about just whipping up meats over a flame like he is for part of the interview (but tbh, I'd be cool with that, too).

He's Cooked To Survive In the Wild 

He says the most memorable meal/craziest thing he’s ever cooked was worms in an egg that he found in a tree with Bear Grylls. This was on an episode of “Man vs Wild," so it was for survival. But like, ew. 

He Has The Same Least Favorite and Favorite Food

Oddly enough, his favorite, but also least favorite food is kale. I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt that he generally eats more than just kale, because just look at those muscles. Those aren't built on kale alone. 

His Dream Dinner Guest Is a Hollywood Legend

Efron says that if he could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, it would be Paul Newman, the great actor of the 1900s (although millennials may recognize him mostly as the voice of Doc in Disney’s “Cars” and from his non-profit salad dressings). Interesting choice, but a good one. 

If He Were a Juice, He'd Be Totally Cheesy

Well, not literally cheesy. But his answer to the question, "If Zac Efron was a juice, what would be in it?" was, "Sriracha and a bunch of love." 

He's a Total Nerd, But Doesn't Know It

OK, not food related, but when asked about the nerdiest thing about him, Efron says, “I don't know, is nerd even really like, a thing anymore, I don't think so?” Yes, it is. He answered if his life were a musical, it would be called Zacalicious. And if he could change his name to anything, he’d change it to Khaleesi. So, yes, there is still such a thing as being a nerd.

But anyways, here’s to hoping we get to see some of his chef skills in the future! Or at least he shares the killer BBQ playlist that's playing in the background of the video. Bro, you on Spotify?