One of the most amazing parts about baking is that you can create pretty much anything. On the flip side, all the possibilities might make it hard for you to decide what you want to bake. I adore using Pinterest and recipe books, but sometimes I need the full tutorial video to see how the magic happens, not to mention how satisfying it is to watch videos of cake being decorated. This article features the YouTubers to subscribe to if you love baking or simply enjoy watching cupcakes and other desserts be made. These YouTube accounts each have their own mesmerizing qualities, so anyone can experience the joy of baking.

1. Cooking Tree

One of the most satisfying YouTubers to subscribe to if you love baking is Cooking Tree. This Korean baker posts ASMR videos of delicate, as well as intricate desserts. With playlists ranging from chiffon cakes and eclairs, to cupcakes and no-bake cheese cakes, you'll for sure find tons of baking inspiration and relaxation. If you're having a hard time falling asleep, Cooking Tree's videos will help you relax and have sweet, decadent dreams.

2. Rosanna Pansino

If you're into artsy, nostalgic, or dare I say "nerdy," baking, then you need to subscribe to Rosanna. With her recipes ranging from gingerbread cookies to a Mario hat cake to Yoda cookies to molecular macarons to basically any and every fandom imaginable in dessert form, this baker really does it all. In addition to her Youtube channel, Pansino has successfully published two amazing recipe books called "Nerdy Nummies" and "Baking All Year Round."

3. Topless Baker

Matt, A.K.A Topless Baker, is a U.K based baker. Matt started baking as a leisurely activity, but his colleagues convinced him that his baking was far too superior for him to remain at an amateur level. Long story short, he began baking topless. On his channel, you will find several playlists including #FANCYAF, Chocolate Heaven, Baking101, and more. With all his useful tips on how you can impress your friends, this self-taught baker is more than just eye candy. 

4. CupcakeJemma

If you love a good cupcake, you're not alone. This London-based baker Jemma Wilson runs her own bakery called "Crumbs & Doilies" where she creates a plethora of cakes, brownies, and cupcakes. Her videos on CupcakeJemma include behind the scenes looks at C & D, tips on decorating and equipment, Q and A videos, vegan recipes, themed baking, and much more. Check her channel out for a variety of sweet treats for your friends.

5. MyCupcakeAddiction

This highly successful self-taught baker Elise started as a mom who simply enjoyed creating beautiful desserts for her friends, gatherings, family, and kids. Her passion for baking lead her to begin her own online cupcake company called My Cupcake Addiction, where she publishes recipes, DIYs, tips, sells merchandise, and much more. Furthermore, her YouTube channel contains a vast variety of all sorts of recipes and DIYs.  With her YouTube videos ranging from ice cream recipes and no-bake desserts, to giant cupcakes and kid's cupcakes, Elise's goodies do not fall short for those addicted to sugar.

6. Gemma Stafford

Gemma was born and raised in Ireland, where she professionally trained as a chef and later attended Ballymaloe cookery school in County Cork.  With her background and experience in baking, she decided to begin her own YouTube channel and write her own book called "Bold Baking."

Gemma's recipes help bakers create bigger, bolder creations without needing special equipment or rare ingredients. Some of her playlists include home made donuts, ice cream sandwiches, gluten-free baking, stress relief recipes, and more. All you need is some ambition, a little guidance, and a sweet tooth to make amazing desserts like Gemma Stafford.

7. Joy of Baking

If you love traditional baked goods, Stephanie Jowarski's Joy of Baking channel should be at the top of your YouTubers to subscribe to if you love baking list. Here, she posts a wide variety of "eclectic" recipes that she has learned due to being raised by her English father and growing up in Canada.  Stephanie's passion for baking drove her to begin her baking blog Joy of Baking, which soon enough had thousands of subscribers and fans.

Her playlists feature just about every type of baked good, so you'll definitely find the recipe you're looking for—if not something even better! Some examples of her playlists include Lemon Recipes, biscotti recipes, candy recipes, savory recipes, and much more.

8. The Scran Line

Finally, I would like to mention my personal hero Nick Makrides. He is definitely one of the top YouTubers to subscribe to if you love baking. I find myself lost in each and every one of his videos. His cupcakes, macarons, and cakes each have their own amazingly creative flavor combinations. Nick takes his baking to another level by not only making his tutorial videos aesthetically appealing, but also by making each dessert visually unique.  Some of his playlists include Lady Gaga Inspired, Vegan, Easy Cupcakes, Rainbows, and many more.  On The Scran Line, Nick connects with his viewers and subscribers so everyone feels welcome and valued.

In Conclusion

Each of these bakers has their own recipes and styles, so I encourage you to explore each of these channels so you can find which YouTubers you like best. There are plenty of creative and talented bakers out there on social media today, but these are some of the best YouTube channels to subscribe to for a variety of recipes, tips, and tutorials. Happy baking!