Since quarantine began last March, I have exclusively used YouTube workout videos to exercise. I started with a Chloe Ting two-week challenge, but when I realized quarantine would last for more than I could handle her notoriously repetitive music and workouts, I had to upgrade. A year later, as the pandemic persists, I still use and love these YouTube workout channels. Here is my curated selection of a few YouTube channels to subscribe to for consistent uploads and reliably good, free workouts, from HIIT to pilates and yoga.


Maddie's videos were a great start to my YouTube fitness journey. She focuses on proper form over speed, instructing viewers on how to stand to do a squat or to flatten their lower back against the floor to do ab exercises. Her videos are not necessarily at a beginner level, however. She can make viewers of various abilities sweat. With a plethora of workout videos offering exercises to target muscle groups, such as glutes, abs, and arms, or HIIIT and cardio workouts, Maddie's warmth made me excited to work out. I would also recommend checking out her dance cardio videos, which use playlists focusing on various artists (think ABBA or Taylor Swift) for a fun workout. 

Sydney Cummings

For months, I have relied on Sydney Cummings' inspiration and effective workouts two to three times a week. I have not been let down. She posts workout videos at 5 am EST every. single. day. If you wanted to, you could exclusively use her videos and never run out of content. Most of her videos use free weights, but I mainly use her HIIT and cardio workouts and have not gotten tired of them. Like MadFit, Sydney talks the viewer through each exercise, offering explanations and words of encouragement. Although I have never participated in one, Sydney constantly has a program/challenge going on, which can be a great source of motivation and consistency. Unlike many fitness YouTubers, Sydney provides videos ranging from 30 to 50 minutes, giving you an entire workout with just one video. Even her cardio videos last at least 30 minutes, which is hard to find on YouTube. Her workouts can easily be done in a bedroom, making her channel a go-to for me during the pandemic.

Lilly Sabri

I have no complaints about Lilly's workout videos. They make me work, make me sweat, and leave me feeling accomplished. I can't ask for much more. She has strengthening videos that last an hour and ab videos that take five to 10 minutes. The variety of her videos and the frequency of her uploads make her channel a reliable staple in my workout arsenal. She provides modified versions of exercises, making her videos accessible to viewers of all fitness levels and circumstances. Even if you live in an apartment and cannot jump, you can still do her workouts. Her British accent is lovely to listen to when she cheerfully shouts at you to keep going. 

Pamela Reif

While I do not use Pamela's videos as regularly as some of the other YouTubers mentioned here, when I do, they kick my ass. I am referring to her ab videos, some of which have gone viral for their infamously killer nature. One has earned 41 million views. They are often only 10 minutes, but by the end, you will be grateful they are not longer. Like MadFit, she creates dance videos with playlists based on various artists or themes. She also posts "Happy Cardio" videos to put you in a good mood while getting your blood pumping. Pamela tends not to talk during her videos, which is great if you prefer not to listen to someone during your workout. I also never grow tired of the music in her videos, which is kind of incredible. 

Move with Nicole

I only started watching Nicole's videos a few months ago, but have since incorporated them into my weekly fitness routine. On days where I want to strengthen my core but sweat a little bit, I turn to Nicole's channel for pilates. Nicole's instruction helps me improve my flexibility, something it seems everyone wants to work on, and focus my breath. Her videos are soothing and a great way to start or end your day.

Boho Beautiful Yoga

I'll be honest, I didn't know Juliana's name until I looked on her Instagram profile for this article. I have always just referred to her as Boho. Regardless, her videos have been the only way I have integrated yoga into my weekly exercise routine since the start of the pandemic. Prior to last March, I rarely partook in this relaxing practice. So, I guess Boho Beautiful has re-taught me how to do yoga. If you are new to yoga, then, her channel is perfect. She creates videos for viewers of all levels, ranging from specifically beginner classes to intermediate and advanced. With 373 videos on her channel, there is plenty of yoga content to help you focus on your breath and flexibility while taking time out of your day to feel relaxed. She even posts guided meditations from time to time, for the ultimate source of inner peace. She often shoots videos in beautiful outdoor settings that make you feel like you too are doing yoga in Alberta, Canada, or Joshua Tree.

I hope you will find as much value in these YouTube workout channels as I have for the past year. There is so much fitness content online, so it can be overwhelming to find what works for you. These channels may give you a place to start.