Having a recipe in print is useful, but sometimes you just have to watch videos to really get it. Heck, most of the times I watch cooking videos for the vicarious satisfaction, as if I played some role in making that delicious pie. All that sense of achievement with not a single dish to wash? Grab some popcorn and join us as armchair chefs with our favorite YouTube cooking channels.

Cooking with Dog

Japanese cooking channels are a dime a dozen, but Cooking with Dog stands out for the delightful fact that is Francis the poodle. Nestled in his seat beside the kitchen counter, Francis dispenses instructions in a pseudo-French accent while a pleasant lady puts together those dainty Japanese treats.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube

Jamie’s just a good chap with an obvious excitement for fresh, hearty food. The kitchen is his playground: He sings, he dances, and instead of putting the loaf tin into the oven he “whacks it right in.” His lovely family of Food Tubers includes other chefs with their own cooking specialties, such as DJ BBQ with his smoked meats.

Entertaining with Beth

The name ‘Beth’ is sweet and old-fashioned, reminiscent of kindly aunts who bustle in during the holiday season with homemade pies. Beth lives up to her name indeed, dishing out kitchen tips with a soothing voice and a warm smile. Her playlists are impeccably organized – check out ‘Beth’s Cheap Eats!’ and ‘Real-time Recipes’ for budget-friendly meals in less than fifteen minutes.

 Food Wishes

Chef John doesn’t appear in any of the thousand-odd videos, but still his jolly personality shines through the double entendres and references to strange, forgotten things. Fuss-free and unpretentious, he isn’t afraid to use boxed cake mixes and store-bought piecrusts, because really, nobody’s got time for that.

 BONUS! Carte Noire

This is not so much a cooking channel as an earth-shattering artistic masterpiece.