Macaroni and Cheese

Photo by David Lebovitz

If you just started cooking, are interested in learning how to cook or find yourself struggling to survive in your new off-campus apartment, this is the channel for you. SimpleCookingChannel features simple, easy and creative recipes, from mac and cheese to ice cream…bread?


Indian Comfort Food

Photo by Heena from Tiffin Tales

Tastemade is a YouTube food show that features food from around the world and original recipes. Some of Tastemade’s most popular videos include a how-to video for homemade apple cider and a day of food tasting in India.


SORTED Food features easy recipes recommended by their subscribers, so this channel is great for people who do not have much experience with cooking. The videos are easy to follow and are guaranteed to make you laugh. You can’t help but love these four guys with great accents and a great sense of humor!

Nicko’s Kitchen

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Photo by Emily Grossman

If you’ve ever wanted to try duplicating In-N-Out burgers or impressing your friends with Nutella chocolate chip donuts, Nicko’s Kitchen is here to guide you. With four videos uploaded each week, you will never find yourself wondering what to cook next. His channel also features budget recipes, which are perfect for college students, and healthy recipes for fitness junkies or anyone trying to lose a few.

Brothers Green Eats


Photo by LewWee

This channel was basically created for college students. Learn how to make delicious food from two guys who have experienced dorm life themselves. You can watch videos on “gourmet” ramen noodles, make the most out of your microwave and impress everyone with your midnight munchies and late night snacks.

Steve’s Cooking

Restaurant food is delicious, but you never know what the cooks are putting into your food. Steve’s Cooking features recipes for homemade but healthy restaurant dishes. However, you will need a fully equipped kitchen and some skills to make these delicious restaurant foods.


Restaurant kitchen in action

Photo by Zoomart Design

Have you ever wondered what it is like inside a top chef’s kitchen? WatchInsideMyKitchen brings viewers into the kitchens of top chefs around the country. Warning: these videos are guaranteed to make your mouth water.

Everyday Food

This busy mom knows everything about meal preparation and time-saving tips for cooking. The featured recipes are great for food lovers who may be too busy to cook everyday, and the recipes are easy to follow. However, they usually require more cooking equipment than most college students keep in their dorms.


Microwave Lime Cheesecake II

Photo by Gwendolyn Richards

After watching these videos, you’re not going to want to share your dorm’s microwave. ZapEatRepeat targets college students with simple, easy, delicious and cheap microwave recipes. Learn how to make cinnamon rolls, crepes, curry and spaghetti ramen using just one device.


Fruit Platter

Photo by Matthew Kenwrick

If you have ever considered a raw vegan lifestyle, Kristina from FullyRawKristina will inspire you. Of course, her recipes are also great for those days when you feel like eating healthy and clean food! I never realized how many different dishes could be created from raw vegan foods, but this channel has an endless number of creative and tasty ideas. Who knew vegetables and fruits could be so colorful and yummy looking?