When it comes to our foodstagrams, we all have a little angel and devil among our feed. There are days when we hit the gym in our new laced-up Nikes, have a killer workout, and decide “Hey! It’s fun to be healthy.”

Then there are times where it’s raining and most of the day is spent in bed watching Netflix; our munchies get the best of us and we succumb to baking or buying something decadently sweet. Whether you’re searching for a clean eat or a diet cheat, we’ve compiled a list of the best Instagrams to satisfy both kinds of cravings. Let the battle begin.

For those seeking clean eats inspo, follow these accounts:


@Questnutrition is the hot spot for discovering all the wonderful things you can do with a Quest Bar (FYI: you can put them in the oven and bake them, who knew?). Offering thirty-second videos with easy-to-follow steps, you’ll be ordering quest bars by the dozen in order to try every recipe.


Soaking up the last few days of summer with a rainbow of snacks! #howdoyounourish

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This up and coming wholesome snack company has enticing on-the-go packaging, delicious options and creative names like “chili’n in the corn’r,” “mr. popular,” and “coco’nilla crunch.” They even feature other health bloggers, fitness sites, or online discounts!


Smoothies from this vegan blogger aren’t the only stellar recipes she offers. With everything from desserts to summer salads to entrées, this newly published cookbook author brings color (in the form of delicious vegetables) to our newsfeeds.


Currently craving… Crunchy Cucumber Rolls with Herb Cheeze….yesssss please. | recipe on the Nutrition Stripped blog! ??

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Nutrition Coach McKel Hill knows how to do clean eating. After suffering from terrible migraines as a college student, she tried switching up her eating habits in a desperate attempt to feel better. A few weeks later, McKel noticed an immense difference in the way her body was responding to healthy, nutritious food. She now shares her recipes with her 174k followers on Instagram, including these yummy Crunch Cumber Rolls. Some of her other original recipes include raw chocolate bites, super salads, and immunity-boosting tonics.


Fav sticky date pudding porridge recipe from the blog with pecans and pistachios!

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Oh how most of us wish we had the eating habits of this college-aged girl. Nineteen years old and Austrailia-born, Lisa Karaki has wooed us with her amazing smoothies and breakfast bowls. Her go-to all-natural substitute for sugar is dates, featured in many a tasty recipe.

For those looking for food porn to satisfy sweet cravings, follow these accounts:


When it comes to pastries, we all know who is king. After @dominiqueansel created the Cronut, an international phenomenon, in 2013, his Instagram has controlled the pastry scene. Indeed, his unique pastry is the most virally talked about food, with foodie fiends waiting hours for a chance to sample the delectable croissant-donut hybrid. If you aren’t in the mood to wait in line, check out his Instagram feed to admire the flaky yet buttery goodness of his creations.


#LoveWins ???????❤️

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Most college students will agree that Insomnia Cookies is the ultimate late night nom. The cookie shop caters to students’ strange sleep patterns with delivery and pickup until 3 AM. When you are cramming for exams or trying to finish a problem set before the deadline, call up the Insomnia Insta-feed to satisfy your stress-induced cravings.



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If you can’t pass up this sinful summer treat, go to @feedyoursoull for unique s’mores concoctions. If grilled panani s’mores aren’t creative enough for you, then maybe these cookie dough s’mores will hit the spot. With over 94.6k followers, these foodie lovers highlight the must-try sweet treats like you’ve never seen before. Trust us, your mouth will be watering after scrolling through their feed.


Nothing really stayed in place for too long but here's my attempt at a cookie dough filled double fudge cupcake #PHAAT

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@thenaughtyfork champions gluttony with oozing cookie-dough filled double fudge cupcakes. With the catch phrase “I’ll start my diet tomorrow” and the hashtag #PHAAT, his Instagram feed epitomized the little devil on your shoulder. The majority of his posts span from Miami, so if you decide to give up the “bikini-diet,” you can pick up the naughty fork to try some decadent treats.


America runs on donuts, right? Skyler Bouchard, the creator of @nycdining, definitely embraces this statement, always posting drool-worthy donut photos.  In addition to donuts, Skyler samples and reviews foodie hotspots all over the country, with a focus in New York. Check out her Instagram for both savory and sweet treats.