What does New York City, Los Angeles, and Toronto all have in common? An excellent food scene and thriving movie business.

Though you may not have realized it, Toronto has served as a backdrop for many popular movies. Some wear their location with pride, while others disguise themselves as other cities (though the streetcars in the background often give them away).

The next time you swing by the city, why not try some new foods while strolling through your favourite movie sets?

If you are still quoting Mean Girls, try Teara Lab.


Photo by Liyan Cai

Any University of Toronto student will be proud to tell you that the mathletes competition scene was filmed in Convocation Hall. I must admit, it has to be cool to hear a lecture at one of the shooting sites of a movie that defined so many childhoods and spawned a thousand yearbook quotes.

Teara Lab is a new Japanese fusion restaurant nearby that offers great food at low prices. To check out a more in depth review of the restaurant, click here. It’s certified fetch.

If you are hyped for Suicide Squad, try Sweet Jesus.


Photo courtesy of @kate__healy on Instagram

If you were anywhere near the GTA last summer, you were on the lookout for Will Smith and the rest of the cast who were shooting scenes for this upcoming DC flick.

While the film hasn’t been released yet, you can embrace your inner wild side by indulging in one of Sweet Jesus’ infamous cones. My guess is after having one of these super sweet treats you won’t be able to sleep until the premiere.

If you fell in love with My Big Fat Greek Wedding, try Astoria Shishkebob House.


Photo courtesy of Astoria Shishkebob House – Danforth Ave Toronto on Facebook

While the movie was set in Chicago, this story was unmistakably filmed in Toronto’s Greektown. Although are an abundance of delicious restaurants to choose from on the Danforth, Astoria Shishkebob House is a tried and true local favourite. You’ll feel as if you’re sitting in Toula’s family restaurant.

If you keep re-watching Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, try Fresco’s Fish and Chips.


Photo courtesy of @leeyul1022 on Instagram

This local favourite is just a short walk from Lee’s Palace, aka where the battle of the bands took place. It’s nestled in the Kensington Market neighbourhood, so you know Ramona Flowers would be all over it. Did I mention you can have your fish fried in potato chips? It truly boosts the meal a level up.

Finally, if you rush home after work to watch Suits, try SOCO Kitchen + Bar.


Photo courtesy of @xheavenzgate on Instagram

True, it’s not a movie, but this show is another example of a great production that Torontonians are proud to have filmed in their city.

If you want to dine like a high profile lawyer for a night, check out this restaurant located at the Delta Hotel on Bremner Avenue. This one is a bit of a splurge, but the food is so beautifully presented you have to treat yourself to it once.

There you have it. Keep your eyes peeled for more star-studded productions.


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