Presidential election aside, American history has taken center stage in 2016 as a result of the crazy hype surrounding Hamilton. Tickets have even been for sold at up to $9000. While it's nearly impossible to get a ticket today, you can still take part in the obsession by chowing down on the following Ben & Jerry's flavors that represent seven of your favorite Hamilton characters, from Alexander Hamilton to Thomas Jefferson.

Here's a guide to having your Hamilton and eating it, too:

1. Alexander Hamilton: Americone Dream

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Ariel Vasser

This pint has "1776% of your recommended daily allowance of freedom!" All Hamilton fought for throughout his life was freedom, so it would only make sense for the ice cream representing life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to be paired with the man behind the mission.

2. Aaron Burr: Coffee, Coffee, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz

For the one who kept telling Hamilton to "talk less and smile more," Burr did a lot of talking himself. He was always jealous of Hamilton and maintained a cold attitude toward the world. The villain of the musical and murderer of our beloved Hamilton: only a bitter flavor can do him justice.

3. King George: Brewed to Matter

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By 1776, King George was irrelevant in America. While he warned the colonists that "you'll be back," he just couldn't seem to give it up. He would likely put a high tax and a picture of his face on this ice cream carton, renaming it "King George Matters."  

4. George Washington: Empower Mint

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The man with the power in 1776, Washington believed in the voice of the people and a functional democracy serving the nation as a whole. This powerhouse mint-chocolate combo is sure to please almost everyone, beloved in the same way that Washington was, during his time as the nation's first President. 

5. Thomas Jefferson: Everything But The...

coffee, chocolate, beer
Ariel Vasser

Thomas Jefferson jumps into the second act with a sense of ruling the world, along with his king-like cloak. While he did miss the entire revolution, he still has just about everything he wants and more back in his home at Monticello.   

6. Elizabeth Schuyler: Chocolate Therapy

Eliza endured so much heartache in her life, from losing her son to discovering that her husband had cheated on her. The entire country found out about her husband's deceit, and she was thoroughly humiliated. She definitely deserves a pint of chocolate therapy and a glass of wine to cry it all out. 

7. Angelica Schuyler: Banana Split

Torn between her devotion to her sister's happiness and her love for Alexander Hamilton, Angelica is a banana split. She says, "If I told [Eliza] that I love him, she'd be silently resigned. He'd be mine." Her heart is most definitely broken in two, with one half telling her to be loyal to her sister and the other telling her to run after her true love.