Located in the quaint town of Skowhegan, off the beaten track where your phone service will (conveniently) begin to fade, is the Bigelow Brewing Company.

It's an enchanting brewery that glows in the daytime sun and twinkles with lights when nighttime arrives. To get there drive a short 20 minutes from Colby along a scenic route with views of mountain ranges and green pastures.

You come for the beer but stay for wood-fired pizzas and good vibes. This is the escape you've been dreaming about all week—they host live bands on Friday nights just in time for the weekend.

Gather a boisterous crowd or stop by with a friend. There are numerous reasons the Bigelow Brewing Company can provide you with a relaxing experience and start your weekend off right. 

1. It's great for big parties.

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Madeleine Cohen

Looking for a casual place to eat that'll sit your party of 10? Bigelow Brewing Company can accommodate. With long wooden tables inside and plenty of lawn chairs outdoors, there are no limits at this brewery. Come one, come all. Fun times guaranteed.

2. Their wood-fired pizzas have out-of-this-world toppings.

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Madeleine Cohen

At Bigelow Brewing Company the pizza combinations change frequently and are always creative and spot on. Ale-roasted chicken, pumpkin feta sauce, basil pesto, pepperoni—these are just a few of the unique toppings you'll find on the pizzas.

Everyone knows beer and pizza are a classic combo for good reason.

3. The beer flavors will blow you away.

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Pumpkin-infused beer, classic IPA's, flights for under $10, Bigelow has everything you look for in a Brewery. Their variety is killer and will meet the needs of any beer connoisseur out there.

4. They've got live music on Friday nights.

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Madeleine Cohen

Grab a collapsable chair from inside the brewery and bring it out onto the lawn, there's no shortage. Get cozy under blankets brought from home and under the heat lamps scattered around. On chillier nights sweatshirts are recommended, and if you forget one, don't fret. Inside, purchase Bigelow Brewery sweatshirts that read I'd tap that.

5. Enjoy a relaxed ambiance.

Madeleine Cohen

Above all, visit Bigelow Brewing Company for the good company and chill atmosphere. The hidden location attracts the right amount of commotion and the right amount of calm, making for the perfect balance.