The creators of Zen Bear worked hard studying the healing powers of herbs and honey to create delicious and healthy teas. These teas are made with organic, unfiltered honey and combine with a variety of different ingredients that can be used to remedy issues like, joint pain, digestion problems, the common cold, and stress. Zen Bear's teas are also super easy to use: simply put a teaspoon of the honey tea in a cup of hot water to make a delicious herbal drink.

A great feature of this tea is that you can personalize your drink by adding more of the mixture to sweeten it to your own taste. Made and packaged right here in New England, we are proud to support a local business, especially when their products taste good, feel good, and do good.     

#SpoonTip: Zen Bear was kind enough to send us seven of their all natural honey teas to try so we can let you know our favorites.
Ashley Longo

New Sunrise 

Ashley Longo

Ingredients: wildflower honey, turmeric, licorice, orange peel, black pepper, ginger, lemon peel, coconut milk

This caffeine-free tea has a distinct spicy smell and a strong lemon grass flavor. New Sunrise is a great alternative to conventional pain relievers because it provides an all-natural, alternative remedy for joint pain. The zesty, lemony, orange taste is perfectly complemented by the creaminess of the coconut milk. This tea is a great pick for someone who prefers seasoned flavors over a more mild taste.   


Ashley Longo

Ingredients: wildflower honey, green tea, spearmint leaves, peppermint leaves

We became enlightened to the best mint tea around when we tried Enlighten-Mint. The tea provides a refreshing flavor while also being a great digestion aid. Perfect steamed or over ice this tea could be a hit all year round. 

Nocturnal Nectar

Ashley Longo

Ingredients: wildflower honey, chamomile, valerian root, spearmint, lemon grass

Need something to drink before bed? Then Nocturnal Nectar is the tea for you. It's caffeine-free and filled with calming herbs like chamomile that soothe both your mind and your throat. This tea smells just as good as it tastes with a distinct lemony scent. Also, the honey taste isn't very strong in this tea so the sweetness is subtle, perfect for bedtime.

Radiant Rose

Ashley Longo

Ingredients: Matcha, Cranberry, Hawthorn berry, Rose Hips, ginger

This delicious floral tea is easily one of our top picks. The cranberry gives the tea a sweet yet tart flavor which is balanced with the delicate taste of rose. Anyone who wakes up early, or just loves caffeine, will appreciate the kick that the matcha gives this tea. We love this tea because it has ginger which is perfect for an upset stomach and it has a blast of antioxidants to help boost your immune system. 

Mocha Chaga

Ashley Longo

Ingredients: wildflower honey, cacao, sea salt, wiled foraged chaga, lucuma

Calling all chocolate lovers, you're not going to believe your tastes buds when you try the Mocha Chaga honey tea. This blend is another of of our favorite flavors because it has a delicious chocolate taste, without it tasting exactly like classic hot chocolate. Instead of using powdered cocoa for hot chocolate, use this cocoa cure for a healthier alternative. Mocha Chaga is definitely one of our top picks, and it's also caffeine free so drink up!        

Bee-ing Better

Ashley Longo

Ingredients: ginger, echinacea, lemon balm, lemon peel, cayenne

This tea will have you both feeling and bee-ing better. The tea's silky texture, and sweet taste provides a great cold chaser. The caffeine free combination of lemon and ginger add a burst of flavor in the very first sip. This jar will last a lifetime because the flavor is so strong that only a little drizzle is all you need.   

Qi Chai

Ashley Longo

Ingredients: wildflower honey, black tea, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves, black pepper

Ditch that chai latte for a Qi Chai tea. The cinnamon and cardamom aroma pairs perfectly with the upcoming fall season. Not only is it India's favorite, but it's one of ours as well. We love all of the different spices blended in this drink, it really kicks up the flavor. An additional feature that these teas have to offer is that they don't leave a smell, or a sticky residue in your mugs.

#SpoonTip: Zen Bear Honey Teas are also great to add to salad dressings, as a natural sweetener in smoothies, a dollop on top of greek yogurt, marinades for a BBQ, meat or cheese dips for dinner parties, or toast spreads for a flavorful breakfast. The honey based teas also make great toppings for sweets like ice cream and pancakes, and you can even make your own DYI organic face masks.

For more information about Zen Bear Honey Tea, visit their website here.