"She has a sweet tooth" is kind of an understatement when it comes to my feelings towards anything sugary or dessert-like. So when Dessert Goals, an NYC-based dessert food festival, popped up six years ago, I knew it would become a tradition for me to participate and try out all the sweet goodies they had to offer.

Ashley Steinberg

When the festival first began in 2013, the event was comprised of tons of new and inventive dessert vendors, wowing attendees, not only with these incredible new flavors and tastes, but with their Insta-worthy approach to the event, including backdrops for food photos.

And even though I am constantly amazed by the new finds they bring in every year, like the jiggly cheesecake from Keki Modern Cakes and Pastel de Nata from Joey Bats Sweets, this year sounds like it's going to be the best one yet. Here's why.

What's New?

Spoonable Spirits is selling spiked pudding that comes in some crazy flavors like Naughty Nutella and Red Hot Velvet, Baked is selling next level cheesecake bars—yup, cheesecake on a stick so you still have a hand free to keep buying—and Moon Man is selling some next level Asian inspired treats you've likely never even heard before. Stax is alos being added to the mix, bringing stackable sweets in the form of Cremellas (aka donut ice cream sandwiches). Yup, they promised us donut ice cream sandwiches.

Is that all?

Are you kidding?!

In addition to its new Animal Party Theme, which is arguably going to be fantastic, they're letting you bring your doggies on the last day's last slot.

And the day before the festivities officially begin, they're having a Friday night kick-off party (for $55), complete with boozy desserts—of course!

If you aren't one of the lucky few who got an early bird ticket today during the mad dash sell-out, you can still grab your tickets on February 12th. They're $15 for regular admission which includes 90 minutes of try and buy time and coffee from Bodum, Boxed Water, candy, salty pallete cleansers, and, if the past years are any indication, a plethora of photo ops.

They also have Sugar Rush tickets for $35 which include an extra half hour of treat-time and a bag full of goodies. In the past this even included a mini waffle iron.

Set your calendars for ticket sales now! You're definitely not going to want to skip this.