When it comes to spreading the love, a little sweet treat always fills up our hearts (and bellies). So, if you're looking for the perfect Valentine's Day food delivery gift for your long distance lover, friend, mom, sister or really whoever your valentine is this season– look no further.

Let me start off by thanking Goldbely for their amazing selection of foods that they somehow manage to freshly ship  all across the country. I won't question it. It's seriously a gift from the gods (or your local postal carrier). But seriously, I love all the work they do and your Valentine will for sure feel the same way. 

Disclaimer: no, this is not sponsored I'm just a thriving college foodie fan. Here is a little of what Goldbely has in store for this February. 

1. Jars by Dani

Cupcakes? Cake? Jar? Does it really matter? You seriously can't go wrong with jars full of frosting, cake layers, and sprinkles. Also, presentation and cuteness factor both get a 10/10. Order a six pack of Jars by Dani.

2. Underwest Donuts

Know a donut lover? And donut say no because that's just a lie. They're like bagels... except a hundred times better. Goldbely hooked us up this year with these dozen Underwest Donuts straight outta NYC. In case you were wondering, the same thing applies for New York's donuts as its bagels–they're the best.

3. The Bagel Nook

Now don't get me wrong... bagels for sure get their fare share of praise as well. Especially when they're adorably marbled and heart shaped. Check this heart shaped bagel dozen and you will seriously be considered your valentine's #Baegoals this season.

4. CookieDO

Not gonna lie, I've been eating cookie dough raw and risking Salmonella for as long as I can remember. But in this case Salmonella would really be a bummer, not to mention an awful Valentines Day gift. This is exactly why Cookie DŌ in NYC has invented edible cookie dough without eggs yolks so you can eat this sh*t like ice-cream, and you will want to, trust me. Order this Valentine's Day themed 4 pack of  Cookie DŌ for your love.

5. Baked by Melissa

Last, but certainly not least baked by Melissa has brought to us not 2, not 3, but 4 flavors exclusively for the month of February that are all Valentines themed. If you haven't tried these bite sized cupcakes, let me tell you, they may be small but they certainly don't lack in the flavor department. Plus, you can eat a ton and not feel bad... right?  

Watch a video here of these being artfully garnished below. (I think I must have watched it 10 times).

Alright, if your mouth isn't watering and you haven't already found the perfect gift than you are either a) gluten free or b) vegan. But even if you are, Goldbely has you covered.

 I hope your Valentine enjoys these Valentine's Day food delivery treats from Goldbely.  Even if you don't have a valentine, order one of these treats for yourself.  I'm not against #treatingyoself and getting a love-filled care package. You deserve it