Fresh off a 2020 USA Product of the Year win, Aldi's Simply Nature Coconut Cashew Crisps are the sweet treat we all need right now. They come in three flavors: chocolate, sea salt caramel, vanilla, and they all have fewer than seven ingredients. All three flavors are gluten-free, paleo, vegan, and non-GMO.

I'm always looking for "healthy" desserts, so when a representative reached out and asked if I'd like to try the crisps, I couldn't wait for them to arrive.


Arielle Gordon

These are the perfect combination of coconut and chocolate, and I don't taste too much cashew in them.

The crisps are sweet, but not too sweet, and the deep chocolate color is freckled with coconut pieces. The chocolate flavor comes from cocoa powder, so there aren't any chocolate chips, but with such a crunchy crisp, you really don't need them. 

A serving size is technically eight pieces (some of the crisps are broken) but I could easily eat twice that many in one sitting.   

Sea Salt Caramel 

These have the fewest ingredients, with just five. Sea salt is the last ingredient, and it definitely comes through.

There isn't any caramel, and the sugar is coconut sugar, so I don't get much of a caramel flavor. The salt definitely helps balance out the coconut's sweetness. The crisps are a nice golden brown color, and you can see some flecks of coconut in them too.


Arielle Gordon

The vanilla coconut cashew crisps almost remind me of shortbread cookies. They have a rich, almost buttery flavor, and they're perfectly sweet.

These crisps have just seven ingredients, and in addition to the obvious coconut, cashew, and vanilla, they also have some almond flavor in them. I didn't taste too much almond, but I'm not mad about its presence. 

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