The hardest part of my day is probably the time between when my alarm clock goes off and when I get my first sip of Blonde Roast. I am generally unimpressed with most of the K-Cup offerings, so I usually have to make the trek (aka five-minute walk) to Starbucks before I can get my coffee, and by that time I have already snoozed my alarm four times and I am late for class. But there's now a coffee alarm clock, and it's literally changing everything. 

Here's everything you need to know about the lifesaving coffee cure. 

Waking Up Right

So the premise of this baby is simple: It's an alarm clock that produces fresh pour over coffee for you right when you wake up. Before you go to bed, you just have to grab your ingredients and set your alarm, and voilà. It's really complicated scientifically, but the end result is simple af. 

If you can't drink your coffee black, 1) legit same, and 2), this machine has got you covered. The super sleek stainless steel and wood machine has drawers for you to chill your cream and store your sugar so you can sweeten up your morning joe. 

Truly a Cinderella Story

If you noticed, the Barisieur is not a Sharper Image/SkyMall product (although I can totally imagine reading about this/buying it while I'm on a plane in 2007), but rather an independent project by London designer Joshua Renouf. In the most millennial of ways, Renouf raised over $500,000 by crowdsourcing on IndieGoGo. 

You can currently pre-order the product on the crowdsourcing site for just $300 or wait until it retails for $420. If these prices are making you sad, I feel you. I am, too. 

If you're looking for a way to get your grind on as soon as your alarm goes off, this coffee alarm clock is for you. But as long as I am a poor college student, I think that I will continue to waste my money on daily Starbucks trips, because that's totally rational, am I right?.