Anyone who splits a teeny tiny apartment with roommates understands the joys of being home alone. Heck, anyone who lives with anyone understands how great it is. You can be as loud as you want, wear whatever you want, and are fully free to  be the disgusting human that you are with no judgements. But no one did the whole home alone thing better than Kevin McCallister in the '90s. Dude had the set up! And now, you can, too.

WTF Am I Talking About? 

I'm talking about a new deal going down at The Plaza (yes, the super fancy one in NYC). In celebration of the 25th anniversary of "Home Alone 2: Lost in New York," the Plaza Hotel  has created a special lodging package, so you can "Live like Kevin." 

What It All Entails

The "HOME ALONE 2 Anniversary Room Package" has quite the perks. Between all five of the Home Alone DVD's, an interactive photo booth, and a special branded back pack, you'll also get a huge ice cream sundae via room service.

Of course, if this isn't enough, you can talk to concierge to hook yourself up with passes to the Empire State Building, Wollman Rink, a 4-hour limo ride through the city, a Home Alone Map to guide you through Kevin's adventure, and a personal photographer and flytographer. 

Unfortunately, all of this ain't cheap. The package, which is available Dec. 1 through next Oct. 28, starts at $895 per night. 

But If You're Broke AF, You Can Still Get In on The Experience

So, you tried crowdsourcing the funds but it just wasn't coming together like you hoped. No big—you can still live like Kev a bit. 

Walk right up to The Plaza's Todd English Food Hall for a full "Home Alone"-inspired meal. The menu naturally features the bougier versions of SpaghettiOs, Hot Pockets, Lunchables, Funyuns, Sunny-D, and Zima. (And when I say bougie, I mean it. The Lunchables have been converted into Luxe-ables aka a sick charcuterie board.)

After filling up, take a tour of the the food hall's "Home Alone 2" exhibit. There you can find a photo experience where you can literally "be Kevin" and get photos with the Wet/Sticky Bandits, in Central Park, and take home a custom photo from a photo booth.

So if you're going to be in the city, take a walk through The Plaza, trader off taking photos for your Insta story with your bestie, and have a bite to eat. But of course, if you have access to your parents' credit card, go all out and get the room.