Our world is changing, it always is. But what direction it changes is the important question. In math, you find the slope  by comparing your most recent data point to an older one. So, where are we at now, specifically with food? What changes have occurred over the last 20 or so years?

Globalization of Food

Instead of the classic "American Cheeseburger," we now have a "Global Cheeseburger', with its parts coming from all over the world. 

The 'Instant Gratification' Surge

The ingredients come from all directions to us, allowing us to eat whatever food we want, even if it is not in season. This definitely feeds toward the "Instant Gratification" phenomenon that many experience. Not all instant gratification is bad. It can push us to go after what we want, whether it be the more toned abs or the promotion at work. However, a common side effect is giving up after you tried for a week and still did not get it. The lack of persistence is a dangerous side effect that we suffer from, and our ability to get whatever food we want, basically whenever, definitely feeds it. 

The Aftermath (wait what is that?)

Instead of buying a cool, re-usable water bottle, most people just buy the 68 pack of disposable water bottles at Costco, and move on to the next asile. But those 68 water bottles that last a week, will last 450 years in the trash dump. 

So, we find ourselves using things in an unnecessary fashion, with little thought of what could happen because of it. 

I don't mean to promote the banning of all water bottles, but only to use plastics when necessary. And if it takes an extra minute to fill up the water bottle than just grabbing a nice 'cold one' from the fridge, mother earth will thank you for taking one minute to save her 450 years.

What Does this Mean?

The convenience of our daily lives, supported through food delivery services, 24-hour grocery stores, and globalization affects our actions. It affects how we view relationships, often settling for whatever is easiest. It changes how we see ourselves, not allowing us the necessary patience that is necessary for change. These actions, change our world. The actions of the earth's inhabitants make up what the world becomes. So, whatever we consume, especially our food, the very thing that fuels our actions, will highlight what the world will become. If we continue to treat everything as easy and fast, that's what our though processes will become. Now, nothing is bad with easy and fast, as long as it doesn't hurt something. And it is hurting our mental state, and the environmental state of our world. 

3 Easy Steps to Improve your Health and the World's

1. Buy local when you can.

2. Bring disposable bags to the grocery store. 

Treat yourself to a pair of Lululemon leggings and keep the free bag to bring in your food.

3. Use a re-usable water bottle or coffee mug instead of using disposable ones. 

Our world is a beautiful place, let's take care of what we are given.