Those Girl Scouts that stand outside of Sam's Club get me every single time. Yes, I want the Thin Mints. Yes, I'll take at least two boxes. A healthier alternative with the same great taste is coming to stores soon though, via yogurt.

According to Delish, Yoplait is releasing three new flavors, inspired by the famously delicious Girl Scout cookies: Thin Mint, Peanut Butter Chocolate (like a Tagalong), and Caramel Coconut (like a Samoa). The first two flavors are part of the Yoplait Whips! line, so they're super light and have sort of like a mousse texture. The Samoa-inspired flavor is just regular ol' creamy yogurt.

Two years ago, the brand released the Caramel Coconut flavor without the Girl Scout-branding, but only for a limited time. Needless to say, I'm pumped they're bringing it back. Keep an eye out at your local grocery store for the new flavors towards the end of the month. 

All of these new flavors sound delicious. However, the best part about them, is that unlike the actual Girl Scouts, these cookie-flavored yogurts will be sold year-round. Yeah, they're not cookies, but at least you won't have to hoard these in your room, away from your roommates.