A new app launching in NYC will change the way you go out with friends.

Yooka has created a huge selection of expert-curated lists for themed food & drink outings—from boozy brunches to chicken & waffles and hip-hop bars—that feature the best locations in that category.

Once you create an account, you can start working your way through the lists and documenting your experiences with photos and built-in tags of all the menu items. Try all the locations on a list and earn that badge.

scavenger hunt

Photo by Becky Hughes

And if you think there’s no list that would tickle your fancy, think again. Our staff has been working directly with the team at Yooka to generate lists that are specifically catered to NYU students.

Need a late night snack after a night out (partying or studying)? Look out for a list with NYU favorites like Veselka, Pommes Frites and Empire Biscuit. Coffee break? We got you covered with must-try’s like La Colombe, Stumptown and Birch Coffee.

And we’ve worked out an awesome deal with the guys at Yooka. In honor of finals week, be the first to complete the “NYU Study Buddy hunt”—read: best places to study on campus—and win a Yooka-sponsored $50 gift card to any of the locations on the list!

Ready to conquer the city? The app is available now in the App Store.