Sour Patch Kids are a divisive candy, I know. They start out sour, then they're sweet, and then I've eaten a whole bag. I'm particular to the Sour Patch Watermelon version myself, but I'll take the originals too. And don't get me started on the magic of the new(ish) blue raspberry flavor. But there's about to be another new development in Sour Patch products, and I can't decide if I'm excited or scared. Introducing: Sour Patch Kids cereal.

Yes, cereal.

Rumors have been swirling about this product launching for a while, but on Wednesday, Post (the company that produces Sour Patch Kids) announced that the product is actually about to hit shelves. According to TODAY Food, the cereal will maintain the candy's classic sour then sweet taste. I have no idea how that'll actually work, but I appreciate Post's commitment to maintaining this very specific brand. The cereal will also be shaped like the candy, as vaguely childlike figures.

I'm guessing that the flavors will also follow the candy (so lemon, lime, orange, red berry and—hopefully—blue raspberry). I can't really imagine what the classic sour powder will taste like on a cereal, but since I don't enjoy milk on my cereal anyways, I'm down for a little experimentation. But the idea of sour-tasting milk sounds like a horrible way to start a morning.

When can we try these?

According to Post's announcement, the cereal will be sold exclusively at Walmart, starting December 26th. But if you don't shop at Walmart, don't worry: the sugar-loaded "breakfast" treats will be sold at other stores starting in January. Each box will cost $3.98, which seems pretty reasonable to me (as someone who doesn't ever buy sugary cereals, therefore has no frame of reference, and should definitely not be trusted on this topic). $4 sounds like a pretty inexpensive way to give family members a way to occupy their morning over holiday visits. And maybe, just maybe, the cereal will actually taste good too.

Part of me wants to hate that imitation candy cereal is a thing that exists in the world. And part of me really, really wants to try these. Come December, we'll see which part of my brain wins out.