It was about as classic as Thanksgiving can be, except with Champagne jello shots in Spoon University shot glasses and Friendscider in mason jars.


This year, our Friendsgiving was hosted over at Tumblr headquarters in Manhattan. It’s a big space about as quaint as an open-plan office floor can be. It had all the hipster essentials — exposed brick walls and exposed filament lightbulbs. And it was filled with a whole bunch of cozy touches. There were burlap tablecloths on small high tables, all the signs were chalk on chalkboard, and projectors sent photos of friendsgivings onto the walls.


There were activities set up around the room that made this Thanksgiving celebration more than just a food fest. There was a DIY hot chocolate station, where you could fill a mason jar with ingredients and stuff it in your bag to take home. Or you could make caramel apples, or you could make a gif while wearing a turkey on your head.


Ok, ok, we’re getting to the important part. There was food — and most of the bites came with their own little accessories and serving utensils (because we love our food, like our friends, to feel special). There were cubes of stuffing with small injectors of gravy, soft pretzel pigs-in-a-blanket, mini skillets with mashed potatoes and gravy, glasses of pumpkin soup, turkey sliders…


We also wanted to thank (in the spirit of the holiday, obviously) all of our friends that contributed to our gift basket that we raffled away after the event. We gave away a stacked basket that included: Baked by Melissa Cupcakes, Exo Protein Bars, Brooke Hamroff’s Nuggets, a Little Owl NYC  sweatshirt, a Spoon T-Shirt, tote bag and shot glasses, and gift cards from Whole Foods, Num Pang, and Luke’s Lobster. One lucky winner got to take home a pretty epic basket, if we do say so ourselves.


Photo by Lena Teveris

This was Spoon’s second Thanksgiving as a national thing, so we were pretty pumped to get to play with the big kids. Any party where you inject gravy into stuffing cubes and eat jello shots is good with us.


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