If you’re not already living in an apartment, you will soon. Moving out of the dorms is a huge step towards being independent, and it comes with perks such as having your own kitchen space and being able to make whatever you want, whenever you want. When you’re out looking for kitchen accessories, why opt for the same old utensils when you can decorate your space with these unique tools?

1. Hedgehog measuring cups


Photo courtesy of worldmarket.com

My friend gave these to me as a gift some time ago and I absolutely love them. It’s an excellent kitchen decorator that doesn’t take up too much space, and it definitely does its job. Hedgehogs filled with flour — who knew? Find them here.

2. Double-sided teapot


Photo courtesy of demilked.com

Does your friend want one type of tea while you want another? Worry no more, as this nifty teapot has the capacity to brew two different types of tea at once. The spouts on either side also serve as handles, so you can be sure to pour tea without a mess.

3. Manatea tea infuser


Photo courtesy of earthporm.com

Spruce up your daily cup of tea with this manatea tea infuser. Look how content it is filling your cup with deliciousness.

4. Egg and toast salt and pepper shakers


Photo courtesy of holycool.net

I’m seriously considering buying these right now. These salt and pepper shakers will bring happiness (and cuteness) to your kitchen and to anyone who looks at them. The eyes are killing me.

5. Fish egg separator


Photo courtesy of home-designing.com

Not going to lie, this looks pretty funny. But if it can decrease the workload when cooking, then I’m all for it. Plus, who doesn’t want to squish the fish.

6. Porcupine toothpick holder


Photo courtesy of incrediblethings.com

Never accidentally stab your fingers again with this porcupine toothpick holder. It’s conveniently placed on top of your bowl so you and your friends can eat your olives and cheese cubes in peace. It also reminds me of Cyndaquil. But that’s another matter.

7. Spartan knife holder


Photo courtesy of instructables.com

Every time you put your knife back in the holder, you can pretend you’re having a sword fight with this Spartan knife block. Pretty cool, huh?

8. Nessie ladle


Photo courtesy of stuffyoushouldhave.com

This has been an Amazon favorite for forever. Not even kidding. It’s cute, it’s cheap, and it has little feet on the bottom of the ladle so it can stand on its own. Now, when you make soup, you can have a cuter version of the lochness monster staring back at you.

9. Owl utensil holder


Photo courtesy of pinterest.com

The whimsical design of the owl and the bright teal color will liven up your kitchen, especially in contrast with the common black and brown kitchen tools.

10. Cat measuring cups


Photo courtesy of tumblr.com

These cat measuring cups are not only useful and adorable, but they’re also perfect for your cat-loving friend.

11. Heart-shaped frypan


Photo courtesy of yellowoctopus.com.au

If I could wake up every morning to a heart-shaped fried egg, I would. Use this uniquely shaped fry pan for yourself, your friends, your family — anyone that seems like they need a cute pick-me-up.

When you’re out buying tools for the apartment, don’t forget that you can pick up quirky utensils and still be an adult. These delightful kitchen utensils aren’t just for looks — they’re surprisingly useful.