Yogis are often categorized as the tree-hugging, Birkenstock-wearing, vegan (or at least vegetarian), chill hippies of this generation. And coming from one herself, I can say that that’s not really a bad thing.

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I started practicing yoga about two years ago, but it took me until last year to realize that the lessons of mindfulness, strength and peace you learn in practices apply to situations both on and off the mat.

Yoga is a type of exercise that doubles as a lifestyle: one that strives to maintain a healthy soul physically, mentally and spiritually.

Well, one of the simplest applications of this is in a daily diet.

The biggest goal of yogis is to put only the most wholesome and nutritious foods into their bodies. This is an act of mindfulness and self-care in its purest form.

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Mind you, there is always room for improvement and living this yogi life isn’t exactly easy or perfect (Shoutout to my accidental Freshman 15), but what is important is learning from the mistakes and improving with every day.

So, here are some of the best yogi snacks I can vouch for. And the best part? They’re delicious and healthy for everyone…no sun salutation needed:

1. Kale Chips

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They’re so crispy, salty and good for you. What’s not to love, really.

2. Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups

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All natural, all organic and all delicious. Easily the best go-to when you’re wanting something sweet.

#SpoonTip: Opt for the dark chocolate if you’re looking for antioxidants.

3. Trail Mix

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Now this opens a door of endless possibilities: tropical, sweet and salty, spicy, the list goes on. Get creative and make your own.

4. Granola

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The crispness of granola is good with milk for breakfast, with fruit and yogurt for an afternoon snack or even stand-alone for late night grazing. The best kinds are all natural and pack plenty of fiber.

#Spoon Tip: Watch out for serving sizes with this one. Sometimes a quarter of a cup can easily cost you 200 calories. Delicious but dangerous.

5. Popcorn

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The light airiness makes popcorn the ideal snack for when you’re a tad hungry, but don’t want to be uncomfortably full. Also, it’s healthy, as long as you don’t drown it in butter or salt. A cup of this stuff is usually only around 35 calories.

#SpoonTip: If you don’t have the time or means to pop your own (which is the healthiest option), Smart Food brand sells pre-popped bags in tons of different flavors while also boasting  no artificial ingredients.

6. Chips and Salsa

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A classic snack that adds a refreshing kick to any afternoon.

#SpoonTip: Even though vegetables carry little to no calories, what will getcha calorie-wise are the chips you dip in them. Whole grain tortilla chips or things of the like are the best option.

7. Fruit Salad

Photo by Julia Maguire

What easier way to get a nutritious fix than getting back to the basics?

8. Carrots and Hummus

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This is by far the best combo for a little kick of Mediterranean to liven up your day. If you’re feeling ambitious you could even make your own. Recipe here.

9. Almonds

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Skip the potato chips and satisfy your love for crunch and saltiness with a handful of these. Nature’s perfect snack.