Patel Chest area in the North Campus has been mushrooming with small shacks and food joints lately and XCO – Xchange Over Coffee is one of the new additions. The shack is located opposite to Miranda House College and is easy to spot. Though there is a special reason for our immense love for this place.

The shack not only satisfies the hunger cravings of all the foodies out there but also proves to be a paradise for bibliophiles. They promote exchanging and sharing books instead of buying them. To take this idea further, they have kept a small collection of books on their shack (with food of course!) and you can consider exchanging your book with them too. You also get to relish a free meal on your first exchange – be it with any fellow reader or with their shack. How cool is that!

In case you are not into books or reading, you can still enjoy a good meal there at a very reasonable price. They have really good shakes and burgers which do not burn a hole in your pocket. A meal for two would approximately cost you around Rs. 200. Now who doesn't love good food at economical costs, right? Within few months of its inception, this place has become an all time favourite of all the students cum bibliophiles across the campus.

#SpoonRecommends - The Mud Bud Shake is a must have here. The shake is super chocolaty and is loaded with oreos and brownie. Their XCO burger is also worth a try.

So the next time you're broke and hungry, you know where to go. Who knows, the books might intrigue the foodie within you to read.

P.S : Keeping a book with you while you visit this shack will come handy. *winks*