Açaí has been all the craze in the past few months, and people race to get their hands on the newest açaí bowl at their favorite restaurants. But W.T.F. is açaí? It turns out it can do a lot more for you than to just be an Instagram opportunity.

Açaí is a berry that grows on palm trees in South American rainforests (the same trees that grow hearts of palm). This "superfruit" is packed with tons of antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins. That means eating it can keep you healthy when the newest plague starts spreading around your school.

How is it good for you?

Açaí has many health benefits. It's not considered to be a "superfruit" for no reason. Specifically, this berry is good for your...


Açaí is jam-packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which can lower your risk of heart disease and improve your cholesterol.

Digestive System

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Açaí is 44% fiber, meaning it can help make your bathroom trips a little bit more regular. 


Calcium is found in these berries, which can help make your bones strong, along with keeping your muscles and nerves healthy!

Where can you find this fruit?

You may be wondering, "where can I purchase açaí berries?" Unfortunately, You can’t.

Although individual açaí berries are not sold in the U.S., they do come in frozen packs, sorbet pints, fresh juices, energy drinks, and even in packages covered in chocolate. The main brand of açaí products sold in the U.S. is Sambazon, which is sold in most supermarkets and organic shops. These products can also be found at Sambazon Cafe's in California.  

Want to get your dose of açaí?

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My suggestion is to try an açaí bowl. Açaí bowls are pureed with frozen açaí, along with other frozen fruits like strawberries and bananas. This delicious and nutritious mixture is then topped with whatever you want, like granola, fruit, coconut, almond butter, or sunflower seeds! Plus, they are SUPER aesthetically pleasing. 

Açaí bowls not your thing, but you still want the health benefits?

Don’t worry, chocolate covered açaí berries, açaí juice, and açaí -tea refreshers are to-die-for as well.

For students, it's hard to find the right snacks that will be both filling, but also prevent the Freshman 15 from becoming a reality. Açaí products are the perfect balance you've been looking for. So what are you waiting for? Go out and get some açaí!