Pasta. It’s the lifeblood of a college student, but it’s also one of the big causes of the dreaded freshman fifteen. For those who love pasta but can’t live with the thought of having to go up a pant size should totally check out this yummy, healthy alternative. It might look like just a boring old squash but trust us… you’ll be amazed.


Photo by Haley Durham

If you ask the interweb gods, they’ll tell you that spaghetti squash comes in a wide variety of colors, but as someone who’s been eating it for years, I’ve only ever seen it in a bright yellow hue. Maybe they’re orange in some alternate universe, or Canada or something? Anyways once you’ve purchased a ripe one (protip: to check for ripeness, give the side a knock, and it should sound hollow) then take that bad boy home and slice it right down the middle.

Step 3

Photo by Haley Durham

Ew gross, this looks nasty on the inside! Well scoop out all the guts (that pulpy lookin’ stuff) and either roast the seeds like you would with a pumpkin’s or just trash them. It really all depends if you feel like being a top chef for today or not. Now that you’ve taken care of that mess and the inside is completely free of seeds and pulp, you’re ready to start.

Step 4

Photo by Haley Durham

Take out either a glass or metal baking pan and grab those two spaghetti squash halves. You need to put them rind side up when baking, otherwise something is probably going to go wrong. Don’t ask us what that might be, we did it correctly. Now you just need to bake it at 375°F for about 35 minutes.

Once you take it out let it cool for awhile, no need to get third degree burns from a vegetable.

Step 5

Photo by Haley Durham

Now its time to start forking! This is the weird but oddly fun part. Take a fork and start to scrape the meaty part of the squash. It should look somewhat similar to very thin spaghetti. Continue to scape until you’ve pretty much got nothing left but the rind and you’re done.

Spaghetti Squash final

Photo by Haley Durham

Feel free to use this like you would use pasta, we decided to go pretty simple and just sautéd some onions and sprinkle in some cheese, basil, and chives. It was awesome and didn’t have half the calories of a regular pasta dish.

You can also try this one which sounds equally as wonderful! Keep in mind the serving size is about one half per person, so remember that if you are serving it for a group, and cook accordingly.

Here are a few more recipes for spaghetti squash if the first suggestion doesn’t suit your fancy.

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3. For those who really are just craving some good pasta just try this fantastic browned butter spaghetti