Health and "fitspo" Instagram accounts have always existed on the social media platform, but now more than ever, people are documenting their workouts and healthy eating practices. My explore page is always plastered with fruity meals and beautiful smoothie bowls, which health bloggers often put a ton of effort into in order to make them appear aesthetically pleasing. Many bloggers take pride in their health food art, lining up their sliced bananas along the edge of their bowls and sprinkling bee pollen and chia seeds in perfect rows on top of their smoothies. 

But recently I noticed more smoothie bowls taking on a pink hue and have found toasts topped with a deep pink spread that was unlike anything I had seen before in the health world. Bloggers wrote that the vibrant color was from Pearl Butter, but WTF is that? I decided to find out.

The Basics 

Pearl Butter is actually a line of multiple wellness butters that inspires people to have fun taking care of themselves. After years of being told that she wasn't "enough" by the wellness industry, Kati Holland, CEO of Pearl Butter, wanted to make wellness something that fostered balance instead of perfection. She says on her site that Pearl Butter is about "honoring your brain and your heart and sometimes even your stomach when it gurgles for that second slice of cake." All of Pearl Butter's spreads have a variety of nutritional benefits that are rooted in science. 

What's With the Color?

As for that magical pink color that had piqued my interest, I learned that it is created from Pearl Butter's Beauty Butter, their first butter. Made with activated pearl, shavegrass, pitaya, and raw organic coconut, Beauty Butter stimulates collagen production and is packed with wrinkle-fighting antioxidants. Perfect on toast, bagels, pancakes, smoothie bowls, and just about any food, Beauty Butter is jam-packed with nutrients and makes any dish beautiful. 

I Need More!

And just when I didn't think my food could get any prettier, I found out that Pearl Butter also makes other butters with different health benefits, and colors! The Smarty Pantsuit Butter contains spirulina, which makes the butter a pretty blue. It serves up C-Phycocyanin, a powerful protein that protects the brain. Gingko helps increase short-term memory and improves sleep efficiency. As a college student, those are two things I can definitely get behind. 

The Rest of the Goods

The Glow-Getter Butter is loaded with turmeric, which improves joint and brain health while also reducing symptoms of depression. Ashwagandha aids in reducing stress levels and keeps energy levels up, while black pepper increases curcumin bioavailability by 2000%. The company also released a Dirty Detox Butter, which contains activated charcoal and milk thistle to protect and support your liver, which is perfect for after a big night out.

So the next time you're surfing Instagram and stumble across some beautiful toast or pancakes that seem too good to be true, remember that those dashing colors are loaded with nutrients that have real health benefits. But beyond the fact that they're good for you, who wouldn't want pink toast?