If there's one thing that people hate doing the most, it's got to be heading to the supermarket to do some food shopping. Not only is it hard (since it's a part of adulting), but it's physically draining and can put a major dent in your bank account. If I told you that this wasn't the case at NetCost Market, would you believe me?

What the actual eff is NetCost Market?

NetCost is a European supermarket that sells all of the basic food items and international foods at a reasonable price. Although it's known for selling a wide variety of Russian products, it also sells other European and American brands of food. Despite this, their locations are all organized and everything is easy to read. The aisles are never sloppy and there's never a shortage of any of their products.

With a few locations in New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, it's definitely worth checking out. You never know what you'll end up leaving with.

#SpoonTip: never go to NetCost on New Year's, New Year's Eve or the day before New Year's Eve. Just don't. The lines will be absolutely insane and you'll leave feeling stressed out.

Why is it the major key of all supermarkets?

NetCost is major key for always coming in clutch with their fair prices. They'll never switch up on you or make you feel like you have to spend your entire paycheck on groceries. Also, they almost always have things on sale, so you won't have to wait for a sale to happen, which is great since most of us are broke at almost all times.

#SpoonTip: Sign up for their store card before heading out to your nearest NetCost. It'll provide you with additional deals and discounts on top of their already amazing deals. And the card already comes activated when you receive it in the mail.