As social media manager, I learn a lot about Miami restaurants and food trends just by scrolling through the instagram feed. (Shout out @spoon_umiami – follow that shit). Since starting the page in September, I’ve added 13 local restaurants to my “Restaurants To Try” note on my iPhone… yes, I really have one.


The restaurants that follow the Spoon UMiami page are usually local in the Coral Gables area, or ones that I have tagged in the past.

About a month ago, an account called Eat Inn followed Spoon UMiami. I clicked on the profile and began to research (aka stalk in depth). After a few minutes, I concluded that Eat Inn is a fresh, healthy delivery service that caters to University of Miami and Brickell for lunch or dinner.

I decided I had to take my investigation one step further to their website, so I ordered it for myself. The food is affordable, convenient and healthy, so it obviously can’t taste good, right? Wrong. SO wrong.

Eat Inn

Gif courtesy of Buzzed Celeb

I ordered the “Zesty Shrimp Greek Salad.” It arrived in 15 minutes with each component in its own little container which made my somewhat anal retentive self thrilled. After having the time of my life assembling my salad, pretending my 2×4 desk was a kitchen, I finally ate the salad, which was like…really good. It was fresh, the shrimp was crispy, and I felt #skinniiii. My favorite part of writing this article was hands down discovering this video on their insta.

A few weeks later while I was sitting in Calc, I got a text from Bob Aran, one of the co-founder’s of Eat Inn, asking if I’d be interested in being a campus ambassador. Obviously I was interested – I love food delivery in general, especially when it’s healthy and actually tastes good. He also mentioned free food, so it was an immediate yes.

I figured the best way to spread the word about Eat Inn would be to write an article on this thing the cool kids call “Spoon.” In the name of research, I ordered lunch from them a week later, but this time I got the Grilled Chicken & Lime Salad and the Pecan Pie Truffles, and I’m literally obsessed. Combining my favorite trend kale and my addiction to citrus? Hiiiii

As much as I’m sure you would like to read more mundane details about my lunch, I decided to interview Bob so you could hear about Eat Inn from his perspective.

CV: Sparknotes summary style, what is Eat Inn?

Bob: Eat Inn makes eating healthy simple. We deliver fresh, delicious, healthy food in lightning speed. Customers can order lunch on-demand or schedule a delivery in advance, and there is no delivery fee. Our average on-demand delivery time is under 15 minutes.

CV: Why did you decide to start Eat Inn?

Bob: Eat Inn was born from our dream to make eating healthy simple for everyone. We’ve always been passionate about eating healthy, but realized that if we didn’t plan out our meals ahead of time, making healthy choices throughout the busy day wasn’t an easy task, something many can relate to. With Eat Inn, we aim to help others eat better daily, with delicious and healthy food delivered at lightning speed. Our slogan is “Eat Better. Eat Inn.”

CV: What makes Eat Inn different from other delivery restaurants?

Bob: One of the worst parts about food delivery, is the loss in quality of the food. Restaurants prepare food to be eaten on the spot. Then, when a customer orders for delivery, this food is thrown into some generic bowl, it gets soggy, and it loses the temperature it was meant to be served at. Not at Eat Inn. We’re built for delivery, so everything we do is with that in mind. Our food is packaged separately to keep quality high and to give you the choice as to how to eat it. Maybe you want to mix all the food together? Great. Maybe you enjoy each item on its own? Perfect. Your call, but rest assured, your food will taste great.

CV: Why should I Eat Inn over anything else?

Bob: We have a dedicated culinary team, led by the amazing Chef Mia Castro preparing each item. Chef Mia has worked alongside some of the best in the business including Wolfgang Puck, Thomas Keller, and Jose Andres, and she even competed on the Food Network’s hit show, Chopped. She knows how to bring out amazing flavors out of natural ingredients, so you get the best of both worlds, delicious and healthy.

Oh, and if all of that didn’t convince you, the person delivering your food also brings a balloon. So, there you have it healthy food seekers, your new favorite lunch option. Sorry, Tossed (still love you, though.)