Okay, so when you put the word blood with something as tasty as an orange most people will probably gag. It just sounds wrong! Why eat something that looks like blood?? Well fear not, these babies might look a bit different but their sweet tanginess is sure to make you grin. Plus the color can brighten up just about anything. Blood oranges might be bit hard to find, expect better luck in Trader Joe’s or an organic farmer’s market (like the one on Greene Street every Tuesday). There are three main types of blood oranges, the Moro which is more bitter, but also the most colorful, the Tarocco which has the highest amount of vitamin c out of any other orange, and lastly the Sanguinello, which is grown in the northern hemisphere. The blood orange growing season began in December and is still going on right now, but will be ending very soon so make sure to try one or you’ll have to wait a whole year. These 17th century Sicilian mutations are weird and fantastic in more ways then one.


Photographed by Haley Durham

On the outside they look pretty boring, orange mainly with what could look, to some, like reddish bruises. But the moment you cut them open…


Photographed by Haley Durham

WHAM! Color up the wazzoo. At this point you can either use them as a garnish for a fantastic drink or even as a yummy addition to a citrus salad like this. The blood orange adds a serious zing of citrus flavor to a variety of desserts as well. Lemon bars? How about blood orange bars?! Try taking the juice and mixing it in to cake mixes, or using the zest of one as a great way to beautify a cupcake.


Photographed by Haley Durham

Of course for those of us who just happen to love the flavor of good old orange, feel free to dig right in. Just wear a bib or you might end up looking like you got into a fight with the wrong end of a chef’s knife.