Ever since starting university, my constant cravings for candy have become non-existent (probably the biggest way I've matured so far).  But something about studying for midterms makes me ravenously crave candy. As I am (un)officially dubbing this candy-eating season, I dug a little into different kinds of candy around the world and found these 7 super weird candy flavors. 

1. Salty Tomato Candy

If you've ever tried sprinkling salt on your tomatoes, you'll know that it's actually a delicious combination. However, I'm not too sure that's the kind of flavor combo I'd want in a candy.

2. Musk Flavored Sticks

The name of the candy is exactly what you'll be getting– sugary sticks that are musk-flavored. I think most of us associate musk with cologne but who knows, maybe it has a great flavor too.

3. Salsagheti

This Mexican candy is kind of like Twizzlers, except the watermelon flavor is complemented with chili powder and comes with a packet of tamarind sauce to drizzle over. Sounds like the most random flavor combo ever.

4. Nurungji (Burnt Rice Candy)

Being from China, rice flavored candies or candies coated in rice paper are quite normal for me. However, I've never heard of burnt rice candies. Maybe it adds an extra layer of smokey aroma.

5. Wasabi KitKats

I'm not a fan of wasabi even with my sushi, so I can't imagine ever reaching for some wasabi flavored sweets. But hey, if you're a wasabi fan, maybe you'll like these.

6. Cheese & Onion Potato Chip Chocolate Bar

This almost sounds like it was a creation made by someone with the munchies. Not sure how cheese and onion would fare with chocolate, but I have tried chocolate covered plain-flavored potato chips and those definitely get two thumbs up.

7. Gravy Candy Canes

I'd call myself gravy's #1 fan, I mean I practically drink that stuff during October, but in a candy? I'm not too sure. Who knows, maybe it's the one thing that's been missing from your holiday cheer for all these years. 

I know a lot of these candies are probably very normal in their home countries, but hey, you've got to admit they are a little odd.