Sugar is a beautiful substance that can be manipulated in many different ways to create different flavors. One of those ways is through  candy. We can all agree that candy is one of the best human creations on this planet.

So, is there such thing as the worst candy? 

The answer is yes, sadly. I have ranked them from "eh, it's tolerable I guess" in tenth place, to the "OK. No thank you" in first.

10. Laffy Taffy.

Laffy Taffy isn't terrible but have you ever noticed how difficult it is to unwrap one of these things? It's nearly impossible. Even when you've finally peeled back a sliver of plastic wrapping, the taffy itself is probably still stuck to it. How annoying.  

9. Tootsie Rolls.

It's basically fake chocolate trying to be liked by being soft and chewy. Personally, I don't mind the flavor too much. Think about it, though. Why would you want your usually creamy chocolate to be difficult to chew? Doubtful.

8. Raisinets. 

First of all, no one likes raisins alone. No one trusts the rare raisin-lover. To then put beloved chocolate next to such a cynical dried fruit... that is criminal.  

7. Dots.

It is beyond difficult to chew just a single Dot. These multi-flavored gumdrops are kinda terrible, due to the chemical aftertaste each one has, no matter what the flavor is. I mean just look at how unhappy this cat is to have one placed on their head. 

6. Everlasting Gobstoppers.

Oh, Wonka. You've really let the crowd down with this one.Talk about a waste of time! Getting from one colorful flavored layer to the next takes far too long.  

5. Red Vines. 

What a sad excuse for a Twizzler. Complete wannabe. The texture is gritty and the flavor is hardly noticeable. This is an all around very disappointing candy. 

4. Candy Corn.

Alas, the most hated candy in the nation. Candy corn, your one of a kind flavor just isn't loved by many! Personally, I enjoy a handful of them until the sickly sweet flavor gets too old.  

3. Dubble Bubble.

This is the absolute most unnecessary creation ever made. The flavor lasts 10 seconds, chewing this is equivalent to chewing frozen wet cardboard and the bubbles aren't even impressive enough to put in the candy's name. Need I say more?

2. Good & Plenty

No one likes black licorice. It's simply foul, there is no other way to put it. Putting a candy shell of an odd shade of pink and white just makes it worse. This is the ultimate grandma candy. They are not good, but you do get plenty.

1. Circus Peanuts. 

Ah, here we are. The true worst candy ever. These artificial banana flavored marshmallows are either loved by very few or absolutely hated by almost everyone. There has never been an in between. There never will be. With a shockingly bright orange color and ancient recipe, it's a shame they haven't gotten the message yet.

So this is my review of what I feel to be the 10 worst candies ever created. You may not agree with this ranking, though. In that case, you may need to get their taste buds checked.