When I was a kid I used to love trick or treating with my friends and siblings. At the end of the night it was always the best when you got to count all the candy you had and see who had the most. There was no better feeling when you went up to a house and got  the king size candy bar. Or when they let you take more than one piece of candy.

But not every house is like that and they happen to give you some pretty lame candy you would never even eat. Why someone would give out this crap to little kids is beyond me. If you've ever trick-or-treated before you've probably received one of these candies that's also probably not at the top of your ultimate favorite Halloween candy list. 


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These may look pretty since they are so colorful but once you open the box you're in for a real disappointment. Dots are so chewy they end up getting stuck in your teeth. That's definitely no fun when you have braces.

Circus Peanuts

What even are these? They belong at the circus, definitely not in your Halloween treat bag.  

Candy Corn 

The texture is just plain weird. Is it waxy or chewy? It doesn't taste as good as a Reese's or Snickers that's for sure. But somehow it manages to be sold every single year. 

Almond Joy

I am part of the very small part of the population that are huge fans of these. But as a kid I always hated getting these and wanting to trade with my siblings. What 10-year-old—or 2-something—likes coconut and almonds in candy? I can take a guess not many. 

Gummy Krabby Patties

You definitely don't want to steal the formula for this Krabby Patty. They are slimy and awfully chewy. Yuck!

Wax Lips

Can these even be considered candy? It's fun to put them in your mouth for a laugh but who is actually eating these? Definitely not me. 


If fruit ends up in your Halloween treat bag it should be covered in chocolate—not like this poor attempt of covering a raisin. The thin chocolate coating does nothing for the shriveled raisin you already don't want in your bag. 

Candy Buttons

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Pippa Leigh

These taste like pure sugar. And you can never get them off the paper so you end up eating both sugar and paper. Gross. 


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They might be covered in chocolate but the after taste is somewhat sour. Malted milk balls? No thank you. These are only good at Easter time when they are turned into pastel eggs. But even then they are still pretty gross. 

Baby Ruth

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Nicole Witte

These might be your mom or dad's favorite but they are subpar at best. Baby Ruth is more of a failed attempt at a Snicker's to be honest with you.