How many times has this happened to you: it’s Friday evening, you’ve finished your work and all you want to do is grab food with your friends. There’s only one problem – no one can agree on anything to eat. You’re in the mood for No Thai!, but your roommate wants a Philly O from Mister Spots. Six bleeds into seven, then eight and you still haven’t made a decision. By this point, the only thing you can agree on is that you both desperately need a beer.

Of course you’ve been there. We can be selfish when it comes to food choices. But there is one way to cover your bases — after grabbing a mental health drink at Charley’s, head over to World of Beer. Though World of Beer (or WOB as the cool kids call it) doesn’t make its own food, it offers takeout from some of the most popular A2 restaurants, such as Mister Spots, Belly Deli, Sadako and Pizza House. World of Beer focuses on what it does best: beer.

But there is a downside: you are limited to the places that have agreed to deliver there. That means if you were craving Sava’s, no dice. But, with so many options available for food, chances are that everyone in your group will find something to sink their teeth in to. You can’t go wrong (unless your friend doesn’t like beer, in which case you should leave them behind anyway). Cheers.