With graduation quickly approaching and summer right around the corner, there’s a twinge of bitter-sweetness in the Happy Valley air. For many of you seniors, you’ve been dining your way through State College for the past four years. After all, our little town is home to a variety of cuisine — from Mediterranean food like Penn Kebab, to the basics such as Chipotle or Qdoba.

In a survey, graduating seniors shared what Happy Valley food they will miss the most. Here are some of the results:

Dark Horse Tavern

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Photo by Armin Nayak

Dark Horse may be the underdog on this list, but if you haven’t gotten a chance to indulge in one of Dark Horses burgers, please trust me when I tell you to make it one of your last stops before you head out. On Tuesdays these massive burgers only sell for $3.95; they might as well be giving them away.

Mad Mex


Although Mad Mex is a chain, they are sometimes hard to come by. Whether it’s the endless $6 burritos or the “Big Azz” Margaritas that keep you coming back, many agree that Mad Mex’s funky fresh atmosphere is like no other. My personal favorite is the Jersey Chips, which are waffle fries dipped in creamy ranch. (EXTREMELY underrated if I do say so myself…)

The Deli


Some may call these sandwiches a State College staple, but the Deli could also be one of State College’s hidden jems. Although sometimes the prices are not exactly college student friendly, the Deli offers high quality food that’s hard to come by at other places downtown. The outdoor patio is perfect for these last few weeks of classes.

Wings Over


You can get wings almost anywhere. But wings delivered right to your door at 2 am? You must be at Penn State.



Does adulthood mean giving up gooey cheesy bread? If so, I want nothing to do with it. Gumby’s famous Pokeys are not just a crowd favorite… If you show up with a box of these, you will become the most popular kid at the party.

Wishing all of the happiness and success to the Penn State class of 2015. You will all go on to do amazing things. And don’t worry, the restaurants will still be here to feed you when you come back to visit.

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