Wisely is a new company rewarding the Ann Arbor community for going to some of the most popular spots in town. Cofounders of the company Tyler Felous and Mike Vichich describe the app as a way to reward customer loyalty and improve hospitality; basically, with Wisely, you get the VIP treatment in Ann Arbor.

Here’s how it works: When you download the app and sync your credit card info the app will track your purchases at participating restaurants. You can then reach different levels of rewards (silver, gold, platinum, etc.) for spending certain amounts of money. With around 30 local restaurants participating (and more joining every week), it certainly pays. The rewards range from free desserts or special reservations at our favorite restaurants like Mani Osteria and The Raven Club, to drink specials and line skips at Charley’s and Cantina. Loyalty clearly pays off with Wisely.


Photo courtesy of Wisely

Local restaurants are very excited about Wisely because it’s a way to show how much they value and appreciate their loyal customers. The restaurants involved are spreading the word about the app – with the company’s quiet approach to their startup this has been the majority of the marketing so far, but it’s starting to pick up. Adam Lowenstein (owner of Charley’s and btb Cantina) commented that Wisely is a “valuable tool” for restaurants, even over other reward apps, because it is not a discounting app but instead serves as incentive for customers to return to their favorite places even more, which is “good for customers and business.”

Hungry for more? They also have a special promotion for Spoon! When you sign up for the app, you automatically get $10 off at a single restaurant of your choice. Just text “SPOONU” to 33733 and start being rewarded.
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