It may “technically” be Spring – but it definitely still feels like winter here in Michigan. These cold months have called for warm comfort foods and holiday treats-the last things we reach for in our hungry desperation are vegetables.

But-roasting vegetables is a great way to quench your need for a warm, filling meal or snack. And root veggies like potatoes, onions, squash, and beets are in season, making them cheap and easy to add to your diet.

You can choose just about any combination to suit your needs. You could go all potatoes, or onions and beets, or whatever you can find at the store. No matter what way you go, keep these tips in mind when roasting veggies:

Tip 1: Different vegetables need different temperatures and cooking times, but 425° is always pretty standard for root vegetables.


Photo by Alex Weiner

Tip 2: For an even cooking time, always make sure to cut the veggies into pieces roughly the same size. 1 to 2-inch chunks work best.

Tip 3: Fully coat the veggies in olive oil. This not only gives them flavor, but also allows them to cook properly.

Tip 4: Seasoning is really simple when it comes to roasting. No matter what, sprinkling with basic salt and pepper works well. Or, if you’re feeling a little rebellious, add some dried herbs like rosemary or thyme, or even chili powder.


Photo by Alex Weiner

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Tip 5: Roasting takes a good amount of time (think 20-30 minutes); you’ll know when your veggies are ready when they’re golden brown and your kitchen smells like perfection.


Photo by Alex Weiner


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