In honor of the big game, I’ve compiled a “best-of” list for whenever you’re in the mood for a slightly less dangerous, equally exciting, and more delicious kind of bowl. There’s a winner for each category: ramen, rice, meaty, healthy, and burrito.

Ramen Bowl: Ramen Bar

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Sorry Nom Nom Ramen, but when you want a big ass bowl of warm delicious soup, Ramen Bar’s is the way to go. It’s been scientifically proven that there’s no attractive way to eat one of these, so order it on a date if you wanna make sure the person likes you for your personality.

Rice Bowl: Tampopo

I know you’re supposed to be nice to the new kids, but there’s no way Hai Street can compete with the classic rice bowls from Tampopo. Although TBH I’ve only ever gotten the spicy vegetable bowl with chicken (why fix what isn’t broken?), their bi-bim-bop is supposed to be legendary.

Meaty Bowl: Jake’s Sandwich Board

Hand-carved turkey peeking out under avocado puree, roasted veggies, broccoli rabe, and whatever else my heart desired all on top of a bit of greens to make it “healthy.” I stumbled into Jake’s looking for some happiness-inducing food one drizzly night after an orgo midterm, and I definitely found the right bowl. Maybe Hummus or Greek Lady were options before, but no longer.

Healthy Bowl: Sweet Green

snow, salad and roasted butternut squash – @tallulahalexandra has the right idea #weeklysweetgreen

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Sweetgreen’s new menu includes butternut squash and caramelized onions. Do I need to elaborate? Maybe only to say that their grain bowls are hearty and healthy aka win-win.

Burrito Bowl: TIE! Chipotle vs. Honest Tom’s

burrito bowl

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I know this is the one you’ve all been waiting for. To start, Qdoba never even stood a chance. Chipotle wins points for convenience, efficiency, the poetry on the cups and SABSing. Honest Tom’s excels in having the best guacamole on the planet, those sweet potatoes, cool down-to-earth and local atmosphere, and proximity to Lil Pop Shop. If the breakfast burrito could be served as a bowl without it being absolutely sacrilegious, HTs would win hands down.

P.S. #iactuallydideatthat #allofthat