I'm certainly guilty of posting all of my food adventures on social media. I post so much that I often get comments from my friends that I should cool it with the food posts. Thankfully, Wine n Dine never judges how much food you post. In fact, you could actually win prizes for posting enough. 

What is it?

Wine n Dine looks like Instagram, but it's only for food. You can follow your friends, like their posts, and get inspired for your next restaurant excursion. 

Wine n Dine is for anyone, whether you're a newbie in town or you've lived in your city for 20 years. You can always expand your palate and your food curiosity. 

Search by city to find the best of what yours has to offer.

It's easy to get lost in restaurant rankings, especially in a big city with endless options. It's great to follow a lot of food Instagram accounts as well, especially your local Spoon chapter, but it's often hard to always know exactly what you're looking at, and who's opinion you're relying on. 

Instead of staring at lists, scroll through photos of food you might want to try. You can even click "Wanna Try" on a post, which saves the post for you to revisit.

Make lists of your favorites, or follow one to get ideas.

Use the Lists feature to find the best of what your city has to offer. You can make your own lists or follow your foodie friends to find the best of the best. 

Rack up points, get rewards.

It's great to use Wine n Dine as a place to find new food options, but it's also a great opportunity to post your excursions with your friends on the app. 

For every photo you post, you get points. 5 points for posting at a restaurant you've posted before, 10 points for posting at a restaurant for the first time, and 15 points for your first post at a restaurant that no one has been to. 

Your points are ranked based on the city you're posting in. At the end of each month, the leaderboard in every city resets, and winners get Wine n Dine swag.

Download now and start posting.

Unfortunately, it's only available for Apple products right now. But don't worry Android users, you can get on the waiting list and start posting as soon as it becomes available.