With the holiday season upon us, it is time to start hunting in stores and online to find the best gifts for everyone. This can be a difficult task with so many different people to shop for. I've decided to help you out a bit by providing 11 gift ideas for all of the wine lovers in your life because c'mon, who doesn't love wine?

1. For the Friend Who Loves to Host

Wine tags are perfect for anyone who loves to host dinner parties or wine-tasting sessions. They prevent the unfortunate mix-up of glasses and are a fun way to decorate and match a theme/holiday with endless possibilities.

2. For the Close and Personal Wine-Loving Friend

A personalized wine key (the corkscrew that opens a bottle of wine) really shows a friend that you care about them and their love of wine. The wine key is essential so taking the time to get one engraved with your friend's name shows that you put thought into their gift and it'll surely have them thinking about you every time they open a bottle of wine.

3. For the Fashionable Wine Lover

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A wine carrier says a lot about the person holding it. A vintage-looking leather satchel or a monogrammed wine sleeve causes heads to turn and people to bow down in worship to the wine god walking in front of them. Ok, this doesn't really happen but a nice wine carrier will gain your friend some serious respect.  

4. For the Really Serious Wine-Loving Friend

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A wine-smelling kit is for someone who is interesting in furthering their knowledge about different wines and the way the smell. It helps wine aficionados train their sense of smell to identify different wines. These kits can be quite pricey so reserve this gift for a friend who you know will actually benefit from it. 

5. For the Friend Who Drinks as Much Wine as They Do Coffee

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This one might seem like a bit of a stretch for some people, but Merlot-infused coffee is a gift sure to win over any caffeine-loving wine drinkers. You could also throw in a cute mug to complete the gift. 

6. For the Friend Who Loves to Learn

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There are a wide variety of books that cover the basics of wine. A few of the best, according to the Wall Street Journal include The Wine Bible by Karen McNeil, Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine by Madeline Puckette and Justin Hammack, Wine for Dummies by Ed McCarthy and Mary Ewing-Mulligan, and How to Fake Your Way Through a Wine List by Katherine Cole. 

7. For the Friend Who Thinks They Like Wine But Really Only Drinks Light Pink Bubbly Rosé

We all have a few of those friends who think they really love wine but actually only drink Rosé and bagged wine. There's no problem with that at all; however, the best gift to get them might not be anything related to actually drinking wine because there are only a select few wines they drink.

Get them some pajamas with wine bottles or glasses on them. They'll appreciate your acknowledgement of the fact that they think they like wine and they can go on drinking whatever light pink bubbly drink is in front of them. 

8. For the Friend Who Loves Travel/New Experiences

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For someone who loves wine, nothing is better than actually getting to go drink wine. For the friend who loves to try new things, get them a day of wine-tasting for two at a local vineyard or tasting room. They will really appreciate the fact that they aren't just getting another piece of clutter but an experience they can share with someone else. Play your cards right and hopefully you'll be their lucky guest. 

9. For the Wine and Food-Loving Friend

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Giving the gift of wine is great, but giving the gift of wine and food is even better. You can find a variety of pairings for different wines and champagnes with gourmet meats, cheeses, nuts, crackers, and chocolates that come in cute little gift sets. All the work is done for you but you still get all the credit.

10. Buying for Multiple Wine-Loving Friends

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Wine stoppers are very simple and easy to get for multiple people. If you are looking for a stocking stuffer or a gift that you can give to a few different friends, try some decorative and fun stoppers. Don't worry about wondering if they already have one. Wine stoppers can become little collectibles and who knows, maybe they have more than one bottle to stop at once!

11. For the Friend Who Simply Loves to Drink Good Wine

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This last one is plain and simple. You can never go wrong with simply getting a friend a bottle of wine. Are they a collector? Try to find out what they have been searching for. Have they been talking your ear off about a glass of wine they had at a restaurant last week? Get them a bottle. Do they simply love to drink? You know what to do.