If you're popping a bottle of wine, you likely have a lovely assortment of cheeses to pair with it. I don't mean to ask questions, because wine and cheese are clearly a match made in heaven, but why are they and how?

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Crisanta Simon

Even scientists are mystified by this power couple, so they put in work to try solving the tasty mystery. Apparently, it is just a simple equation that is astringents + fats = deliciousness. The phrase "opposites attract" must be true, because these different flavors create a balanced taste in your mouth. 

A sip of wine may make your mouth feel dry or rough. This is normal. The chemical compounds in the wine bind with the lubricating proteins in your mouth, causing them to clump together and create a dry feeling (blah). 

Popping a hunk of cheese in your mouth after sipping on wine relubricates the mouth, so to say. Cheese is considered a fat and is intended to coat the palette with oil. So the wine and cheese, yin and yang pair, are meant to balance each other. 

If scientists are taking the time to study the perfection of wine and cheese, then we should continue eating and drinking and not questioning. So pop your favorite bottle of wine and pair it with your favorite cheeses. Cheers!