Currently, we're living in a world filled with digital calls that are either on FaceTime or are on Zoom. Calls range from meetings to classes to virtual happy hours. Have you ever done a virtual happy hour before lead by a company? No? Well now's your chance to do such, with the help of Winc's winery. 

The details

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Caroline Ingalls

Here's the deal; Winc is hosting their own virtual wine tasting with their head winemaker, Bobby D which you can watch this Friday, April 24 @4pm PST/7pm EST on Zoom. Winc’s handsome winemaker will take you on a virtual wine tour, where he’ll be sharing tasting notes, answering your questions, and giving us all a reason to look forward to Friday again. For each person that joins the live stream on Winc’s IG, Winc will donate $5 to the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation for up to 1,000 viewers. Winc wines are sold in over 4,400 locations nationwide and we’d love to show our appreciation for our partners during this time.

The nice thing about this virtual happy hour is that you can be guided throughout the different wines that will be tasted instead of just drinking them at home yourself without really trying to understand the tasting notes behind each wine. There's a difference between chugging the wines (aka what I do), and actually sipping on the wines to taste their flavor and their tasting notes. The four wines that will be tasted tonight are as follows:

2018‌ Pacificana‌ Chardonnay

2019‌ Summer Water‌ Rosé

2016 Baseline Syrah

2019 Outer Sounds Sauvignon Blanc

If you're new to wine, here's something to note; the years which come before the names of the wine are when the wines were harvested, meaning that the newest wines from the latest harvest are from 2019. 

If you're anything like me, you're always down to drink and try new wines regardless of if you're alone or if you're with others. While the wine tasting might be focused around wine, it's always good to try and meet new people while you're at it; so please, drink responsibly and network to the best of your ability. I'm sure that there will be several wine tastings like this one in the future, but it's never a bad time to drink wine.